V0.10 18/11 Test Release is out!

As promised,the first of our new biweekly (once every 2 weeks) releases is out!

-Added Slaves Auctions
-Added the first 10 Patron NPCs in the Tavern
-Added costumes system (on KobP/HumP/GobP/DesP for now)
-DPI is now rapeable if you use a Dragon Bane on her during the final fight
-New KoboldP portraits
-New sprites (HolstaurP/DriderP/FrogP/Milk Maiden)
-Added Church’s BGM
-Resized GoblinP’s artworks during her adult scene
-Hold Ctrl to skip through dialogues
-Various typos/bugs fixed

Next one is expected around the 1st of December, while v0.10 Public Release is set for the 20st of December (earlier than usual, but… it’s Christmas!)

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