Surprise release: v0.10.6 for Patrons! Merry Christmas!


Nobody was expecting: v0.10.6!

Changelog (v0.10.6/test3):

  • New adult scene (+ artwork) for Dusk Princess
  • Christmas Tavern!
  • 2 Christmas costumes added (Kobold and Golbin Princess)
  • Moth Princess, minus the interactions with her, is ready
  • Added gamepad support (mappable controls in next version)
  • NPCs can fight/join auctions/be found around the game world
  • Babs can now be found in her hut
  • Qhala, Amelie and Michael can now be found in the world map/in the tavern 
  • New HumanP campsite event added!
  • Lots of new sprites!
  • Various typos/bugs fixed
Let’s celebrate the holy Christmas with some good ol’ monstergirls!
This new adult scene, with Boogie’s Dusk Princess, takes place in Dog Princess’ route.

But that’s only the beginning! 
Not only the Towergirls Kingdom is ready to celebrate Christmas…
When the whather outside is frightful~

… but only during this short window of time you’ll be able to obtain 2 new Christmas-themed costumes!
After this “Christmas event” you will be able to get these only using cheat codes.
As usual that’s just the cherry on top!

No other game made in RPG Maker (but feel free to contradict me) has NPCs that can move around indipendently from the Player, not following simple patterns; evaluate every time which one is the most urgent between the actions they can perform; gain party members; take their time resting in the places they like…

Since nothing is scripted you may find them behaving in unusual ways from time to time, but that’s half the fun, and this thing has reached a point where I can’t predict their movements myself.
This version also has a bunch of new sprites. Just check this new, beautiful, Dragon Queen!
More of everything is incoming for v0.11 (that will surely release in JANUARY), but for now the only thing left is to wish you all the merriest Christmas ever!!


  1. Sweet, I'm looking forward to the Christmas event.

    Oh man, Dusk Princess is do so many lewd things to poor anon Knight then she'll breed the hell out of him. lol

    I like dragon queens new look, big purple titty's ftw. :3

  2. Wish i could donate for the patreon version *sad zoidberg sounds* and question… is the war and dog princess (trying to figure her out) the only ways to recruit a princess for now?

  3. I found an issue about
    – error when try to save ghost princess from castle when goblin invade something like script error and bam the game close.
    – alliance between ghost and slime kingdom dialouge loop for 5 or six time when the human and desert kingdom fall
    – kobold can jump through everything. Im my case it trigger the sphinx princess scene in pyramid when i dont even start desert princess questline.
    – loop in slave market whether choose to help mermaid princess or not in goblin princess questline when i come back to slave market the event restart.

    This is the problem i found so far and now i'm stuck at clockwork heart quest where i have no clue how to find the heart. i searched every area in desert area and golem tower as suggested in quest tab yet nothing work. Please help this poor lamb to find peace!

  4. Fixed what you reported and will release another patch shortly.
    Only thing is that Ghost/Goblin crash: can you trigger it again and report what's in the error message? Or post a screenshot.

    Thank you for the reports.

  5. about ghost pricess it said:
    Scriptt 'Window_Message' line347: NoMethodError occurred.undefined method 'upcase' for nil:Nilclass
    and also the ghost princess stay in the chamber not in the cage when i said i have come for you.
    Thank you for answering my post.
    P.S. still stuck at golem heart. little tip? 😛

  6. Thank you so much! Stupid of me to never go that way ( cuz there is nothing before)
    will wait for 0.11 and try to find more about this game:)

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