11th Princess decided in the next 48 hours! And more!

Here we are, only the final match remains, to decide who’s going to be the 11th “main” Princess! 
They both won their previous matches by a good margin, we can be sure neither will go down easily!

The debugging of v0.11 is still going strong, I’d say we should be ready in a couple weeks to release it!

This new version will include 3 new adult scenes, if you’re playing v0.10.3 right now:

  • Dusk Princess
  • Assassin Princess
  • HumanP x GhostP
But we should manage to work in even a new Human Princess animation!

However, the spotlight for this new release will be taken by the nocturnal Moth Princess that, while being all cute and fluffy, will tear a new one to anybody brave enough to fight her at night.

Sprinkle a little of Moth’s dust in your friends’ eyes for Nickel-free hallucinations!

There’s a lot more I should be talking about, like mappable controls,

I found the basic layout to be optimal, but you can edit all the battle-related buttons as you see fit.

the second batch of Patron-NPCs and the MASSIVE spritework that will be done in the next weeks and months, covering all the Princesses we have until now, but also enemies and monsters, following Gats’ new charts guidance!

Last thing, a huge “thank you” to anyone gradually working on the Wikia page of Towergirls KC! For anything you need, like pictures or ingame screenshots, just send me a request to towergirlskc@gmail.com. You’re doing God’s work.

That’s it! Now I’m sure I didn’t forget about anything! Cya next time!

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  1. It seems like the public release has a glitch in the dog route.

    Currently kobold princess will stay in the camp regardless of being dropped off the party / put in jail in the tower / the knight inc. scene and doesn't allow the tent scene to happen.

    Been trying hard but i just can't progress futher.

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