Cat Princess is the winner! The 11th Princess

The 11th main Princess that will get in Towergirls Kingdom: Conquest has been decided by the Patrons: Cat Princess!
Her reign will be located in the Southern Region, she has a wild personality, unrivalled lust and dislikes the other beast-like Princesses.
Could this be the way to keep Dog Princess in check?
Hunter by nature, she dreams of slaying big, BIG monsters.

While her reign, surrounded by a lush valley, provides for all her needs, at night she cannot resist the call of the hunt… as long as it’s not raining!


  1. only thing i dislike with this picture is that the tails look like they come out of her butthole rather then being an extension of the spine, but might just be the odd angle. or i'm just weird and i'm the only one that thinks like this, that's also a viable option.

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