New Stretchgoals and incoming artworks~

Sup everyone!
Now that the team has expanded once again we’re able to work on many fronts at the same time.

Just some of the things being worked on right now by our artists:


Going all the way or not? Give her the D o not give her the D?

Boogie‘s working on a new adult scene, starring the totally not suspicious Mimic Princess,
Do not watch out and feel free to enjoy her company to your heart content!

You know where to find her, right? The new dungeon that just opened might be worth a visit.

Thanks to this and his other artworks’ quality (Kobold, Goblin, Dragon I, Slime, Dusk) I believe this game is being set apart from many others.


Akai‘s ending up KnightP X GolemP animation, before starting GoblinP X Wolves!
Funny how KnightP units are wolves in the new charts, uh? Coincidence? I don’t believe so!
KnightP role in the game will likely be reworked right after we finish with Golem Princess.
The time of her not-so-knightly revenge will come soon.
But the most massive impulse on the game in the next months will be given by our new Lead Artist, Gats.
Not only he’ll be remaking all the Princesses’ portraits, but will also add new ones for minor units and NPCs alike.
His unique, light-hearted, style fits the Towergirls world perfectly. Well… he’s the pen behind the original charts afterall.
We already planned many portraits for each month, but we also set new stretchgoals to add new variants to all the playable Princesses!
We’ll base the new forms/costumes on this chart, in the same order as above.
I’m shocked I get to work with people I was a fan of until some time ago. Gotta give my best.
I hope you’ll keep checking the game’s progress and give all the support and feedbacks you gave us since last year!
Until next time~


  1. Looking at that chart…daaamn. Idols, outfits, and conditional unlocks? Hahaha, I can't imagine how much freaking replay value this will have by the time it's finished–or even halfway finished! Your ambition is something to be admired, Towerfag & crew!

  2. Personally, this seems like a bad thing to me. If I have to play through a game 10 times to experience everything, it discourages me from wanting to play once because I'm constantly anxious about making the wrong decisions or missing things. The only thing that alleviates it is if there's something like a new game plus where I can carry stuff over (or there's a point in the game where you can collect the stuff from your previous play through) so that having everything in a single file is possible even if it takes multiple new game pluses. I had a similar problem with the “other adventurers collecting princesses” thing and that as far as I know there's not really a way to get princesses back from them, so I'm going to be worrying about them the entire time I'm playing. There's just to many permanent losses/missing out on things for me to worry about while playing and it distracts from me enjoying myself. These are just my personal feelings though, I don't necessarily expect everyone to agree with me on the subject.

  3. From the beginning what I have in mind is game that you could play several times, always experiencing something new, but I definitely can see why one would be concerned about missing that scene or that event while playing.

    Be aware that:
    -There's (already) a NG+ that will be expanded further and will give the Player “points” to acquire bonuses during his following playthrough;
    -The animations (but this will work for the “artwork” adult scenes too) you unlock during a playthrough will remain unlocked in the following ones, you just have to visit Babs, our Gallery-NPC;
    -It's all about the journey. I aim to make the game's world interesting enough, so that you won't worry about “what ifs” too much.

    Thank you for the sincere feedback!

  4. Response in order:
    – Unless the “bonuses” are carrying over things I'd have to choose between in the previous playthrough or making it so I don't have to choose, it doesn't really fix the problem I'm having.
    -Galleries are nice, but if I really like a scene I can just make a save right before it. I don't want to have all the princesses so I can sex them, I want to have them all so I can feel like I've completed the set (I feel like I'm being very rude to the princesses as people, I don't know how to phrase it better :/). It's about my urges as a completionist and essentially being given a list of things I can collect or side quest I can complete and being told I can never have 100% at once and that I'll always have to make a hard choice (and the more of those choices there are, the more anxious I become about them).
    -I don't want to be rude, but just because “it's all about the journey” for you, doesn't necessarily mean it will be for other people. It's not going to be just one kind of person wanting to play the game and different people are going to want different things from the game and not everyone will be capable of having that mindset while playing. Like for me, the moment I know those “what ifs” exist, they'll never leave my mind while playing and the more there are, the worse the anxiety is going to get when even thinking about the game.

    Sorry if this comes off as really negative, it's just that I really want to play your game and enjoy it, but these things keep standing in my way. I also want to make it clear that I'm not asking you to change anything, as that would be selfish of me, I just wanted to communicate my feelings.

  5. I see where you're going and, while I respect your opinion, I really don't see the appeal in games/other media where the player/MC gets everything he wants without making choices or sacrificing something he cares about to obtain it.

    A “peaceful” ending is going to happen, but that doesn't mean you'll get all the Princesses for yourself in the process.
    Very often getting 100% of the content in a single run isn't possible in short and linear VNs, I can't see it happening here.

    Also, this project spawned from a CYOA, literally Choose Your Own Adventure (
    You cannot “choose your own adventure” without making choices.

  6. I don't mind not being able to get everything in a single playthrough if there's only two or three serious choices with two or three option, but when the amount of appealing choices and possible outcomes becomes such a huge web, it becomes too intimidating and makes me not even want to play. It becomes much less intimidating if I know that there's a new game plus that'll allow me to carry over what I've gained from those choices, so that even if it takes several dozen playthroughs, I can complete the “checklist” of things to do without having to throw away the work I'd already done on it the previous playthrough. I want my effort to build on top of itself, not have to reset the struggle every time I want to see something new. Like in Tales of Symphonia, where you need to do 4 consecutive playthroughs to complete your item list. It takes a long time, but it's incredibly satisfying when it reaches 100%. If I could only ever get it to 96% no matter what choices I made, it'd be very frustrating.

    I know the origins of Tower Girl, but even if it was originally a CYOA and in a CYOA the choices and continued narrative takes precedence, but you don't need to strictly adhere to that in an RPG, especially when including a NG+ where “carrying things over” is sort of the point.

    Sorry about all this, I'm just venting my frustrations. It just bothers me that you can have multiple princesses, but never all of them. It's like saying “you're given a choice to start collecting these collectibles (in this case, optional party members), and this path will let you collect 70% of it, this one 48%, this one 63%, but you can never complete that collection to 100% no matter what”. I just don't want to start something I'm not allowed to finish, because it feels like one long wasted effort.

  7. I love ToS, can't remember how many times I finished it!
    Back on topic: in a single playthrough you can obtain almost all the princesses minus some pairings that can't work together. Namely: Dog and Dragon don't go well with the other Princesses and some pairings like Insect and Human. Most of the “normal” ones can be recruited together.

    Shoehorning is not the solution, for example Dog can't tolerate other girls around Knight. That's just how she is.

    Either way, thank you again for your feedback!

  8. Ah, okay. The only solution I could offer is to let the characters be carried over, but make it so they don't participate in the story or events unless you re-recruit them in the game. Compile Heart does a lot of stuff like that, like in Neptunia and Fairy Fencer F where the party members technically not there are given a special mark in the menu or in Agarest War, which spans 5 generations, where the main hero and his three love interests disappear at the end of the chapter/generation (justified in universe) and their son becomes the new hero (all other party members are longer living species or this one guy who's cursed, so they stay about the same except for this girl who's a child in Gen 1 and a love interest in Gen 5) and you can get hem back as characters by buying magic “dolls” of them to fight in battle.

  9. i thought gats already worked on the game, i thought that's where the human princesses portrait came from

  10. I have a question about the game.
    How do I fly? Or encountered the 2nd Dragon Princess and she said I had to fly there.

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