Brothel Preview

Time to spend a couple words on the new brothel that will open in the Towergirls Kingdom, to cover at least the core mechanics of it.

Qhala’s Brothel

Rest in Qhala’s Brothel between a quest and a dungeon! We’ve got girls! Your girls…

Before talking about the brothel itself, there’s a couple things I should say:
The snake-girl Qhala, madam of the Qhala’s Brothel, being a NPC, won’t necessarily be present in all playthroughs
Since we limited the most complex NPCs (the ones that travel around) to 3 at any given time, you will have to select her at the beginning of the game if you’re interested in the brothel (or let the system choose randomly and pray the RNG gods).
When she becomes a static NPC, when she opens her brothel, another NPC-slot will open up for an adventurer, traveling bard or whatever else…

After this premise, let’s check what we can do in Qhala’s Brothel!
As you can see there are 3 options:
  • Sell girls; you sell a Princess from your team to Qhala.
    You won’t get Choco-Dicks immediately, you’re renting the girl to the Brothel and she’ll earn you money over time.
    How should be a Princess you want to sell, to maximize the profits? What comes into the equation? Simple.
    Her adult stats (Oral/Vaginal/Anal skill level) and her Wealth points.

    Every night a client will visit each of the Princesses in the brothel, he will have his preferences and, if the girls is skilled enough, she’ll earn a good amount of money.
    Whatever amount she gets, her Wealth score adds a % to it (4 points in Wealth -> +100% Choco-Dicks!)

    You may found hints about that night’s clients preferences by talking directly to Qhala.

  • Buy girls back; if you repent and want to take back one of the girls you sold, Qhala will ask you for a shitload of money. The amount will increase accordingly to her skills as an “adult entertainer”.

    Having them work at Qhala’s Brothel won’t make their Corruption skyrocket, but you might want to check it every now and then.
    Make sure it doesn’t max out, or you won’t be able to use the Princess in your team anymore. She’ll still be able to work in the Brothel though, but her profits will be much lower.

Before you decide to buy them back or not you can look at their stats and Corruption level.

  • Cash Out! Doing this means the Princesses will keep working in Qhala’s Brothel but you’ll take for yourself the money they worked for until that moment! Gotta buy that new swimsuit for your favourite one (thank you for reaching the “Swimsuits” milestone, look forward to it!)!

I hope you enjoyed this little preview and that you’re looking forward to v0.12 release even more!

Next preview will be all about the moody Cat Princess!

Until next time~


  1. So, in order, we're supposed to:
    >acquire Princess
    >raise Wealth (and, optionally, sexual skills)
    >sell Princess to Qhala
    >continue adventuring
    >when Corruption is at 8 or 9, Cash Out and Buy Back
    >lower the Princess's Corruption at the Church
    >go back and sell Princess again
    If we want to make money off of the brothel?

    Also…when will we see more H-Quests, if ever? The sperm gathering thing is a fun scavenger hunt, but if it's going to be the only quest sanctioned by KNIGHTS INC then it'd be nice if we didn't have to wait a full day after completing it.

  2. Yes, the order is correct.

    The Guild, being knightly and all, won't often directly ask for lewd things, but I'm adding quests you can do both in SFW and NSFW ways.

  3. I got something on the top of my mine And it has something to do with a question It's about the I raise their corruption in And nothing is happening It's the princesses

  4. Once you brought up impregnation, what would be the ultimate goal of getting a princess pregnant, could the child go on adventures and maybe make you a king?

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