April Patreon rewards!

Another bunch of artworks added to our gallery!

Now that the whole cast has been redrawn (only Fairy, Crest and Frog Princess are still missing) Gats will also start drawing new NPCs portraits for next month!

Remember v0.12 is out in 4 days!

Oh, and Mouse Princess won the poll! She’s our next main Princess!


  1. Those swimsuits look hot. What's the 3D DP-I for, just the Patreon gallery?

  2. Hello there, i have been interested in the game for quite some time, and i wanted to ask a question: When the game is fully released to public, may i have permission to make a brazilian fan-translation for it?

  3. I don't know if it was changed in the curent version but is it possible to unlock the insect kingdom without killing the human one?

  4. so Jaraxxus,Eredar Lord of the Burning Legion is into this kinda stuff eh? šŸ˜€

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