v0.12 Patreon Release!



  • Cat Princess reign added!
  • Cat Princess questline added!
  • Mimic Princess dungeon, “Big Large Dungeon”, opened its 3 floors.
    A completely new boss awaits you in the final floor, setting the standards for the rework of the Battle System!
  • Mimic Princess adult scene with TheBoogie’s artwork added!
  • Cat Princess adult scene with TheBoogie’s artwork added!
  • Dog Princess questline reaches its end (Bad and Good ending added)!
  • Qhala’s Brothel added! Sell the body of your Princesses there for sweet bucks!
  • Moth Princess item added: Moth Extract!
  • Cat Princess item added: Tinkling Bell!
  • Beach zone added!
  • Beach minigame added! 16 different swimsuits can be obtained as rewards!
  • New font! More readable and easier on the eye!
  • 24 new portraits added! Alternative costumes added!
  • GoblinP x Wolf adult animation added!
  • GolemP adult animations I and II added!
  • DogP animation added for her ending!
  • Added Diaries for all the recruitable Princesses! The diaries and the brothel menu will show the girl’s current outfit and adult stats!
  • Added 3 more “Knight’s INC.” quests!
  • Added new sprites for princesses and ingame locations!
  • Corruption gain after rapes reduced. Beware: when it hits 10 the Princess breaks and you won’t be able to use her anymore.
  • Wealth growth over time reduced, soon to be replaced with new mechanics.
  • Several bugs and typos fixed.
If the last version you played is v0.11, remember that this one also includes v0.11.1 and v0.11.2!
I hope you’ll have fun with everything we managed to add this time!

The Public Release is set for the 2nd of July!

Next Patreon release will be out in around 2 weeks!
See you next time!

For bug reports, question or whatever else feel free to contact me at the usual towergirlskc@gmail.com!

And now…the time has come.


  1. I just got 0.11 today but I don't know where else to post this. I can't find the malt for the first quest. It's not showing up anywhere on the map.

  2. Southern Map, near the goblins. Keep in mind that no quest is required to unlock later ones, all's good as long as you rake enough Guild exp.

  3. on my save i keep getting the error “script 'window_message' line 351:NoMethodError occured.” whenever i try to progress with desert princess here she offers you a night stay and that popsup everytime. not sure if theres a fix to this already the last time I played this was 0.09(I love your game man!) #iLoveMonsterGirls. pls reply if theres a fix to this

  4. On my save, when entering cat town, it plays the cat theme for a few seconds, then switches to the moth town theme.
    Also, when entering the golem throne room, the game crashes and show error message : “unable to find file : graphics/pictures/golem princess dial drided2”.

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