v0.12.1 Changelog

The first Test Versions after v0.12 is coming in a week, and will bring to the table much more than expected!

Let’s start! v0.12.1 changelog:

  • Portraits Switch menu added!
    Now, at the beginning of the game, the player will be able to decide if he wants to use old portraits, new ones or a mix of them.
    Almost all the costumes will work only with the new portraits, though.
  • Pirate Princess’ ship travels the seven seas!
  • Cat Princess War Animation added (now all of them have one, Yay!)
  • New Sprites (Dragon Princess III, Dragon Princess I-II-III flying sprites, Pirate Princess, new Dragon Queen attack animations)!
  • [NPCs] Trevor (Human ♂ Merchant) Lina (Female ♀ Merchant) and Crowley (Human ♂ Apothecary) make their entrance!
    The two merchants will be asking for special items you can get by sneaking in the room of a Princess (see below) and will give special costumes in exchange!
Lina and Trevor rewards will be Sexy and Cosplay costumes! 

  • Sneaking! From this version the humanoid and civilized Princesses (such as Human, Desert, Goblin…) won’t recieve the Knight during nighttime. Being human-like and… living… they will sleep at night and the security around them will be weakened.
    You may find a guard asleep, send one in the arms of Morpheus or sneak in if you have capable party members!
    Be careful after this point: being found out will result in a deterioration of your relationship with that Kingdom.
Yeaa… We’ll see about that.
         Once you reach the room of the Princess herself, you will have many options~
         Like watching her while she sleeps, tucking her in bed or rummaging her room!


  1. Lol, gonna miss KoboldP's old jump for the sneaking events.

    I think you mentioned at one point that we couldn't have all of the NPCs at once…so if we pick 3, the 3 we get are randomly selected out of the 6 with each new game or new game+?

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