v0.12.1 Released!

v0.12.1 just got released for the Patrons!
Get your gauntlets on new items (Testos-X and Sleeping Drug) to make everyone literally fall at the knight’s feet, if you don’t have a certain sleep/drug oriented Princess in your party!
Sneak into a Princess’ room to rummage between her belongings or her blankets!


  • Portrait switch menu added!
  • Sneaking into Princesses rooms added (Human/Desert/Goblin/Cat)!
  • Lina and Trevor added, with 5 new costumes! Go steal panties now!
  • Trevor sells 2 new items (Sleep Powder and Testos-X)!
  • Lina sells 1 new item (Royal Present)!
  • Added portraits for Trevor, Lina, Michael and Frog Princess!
  • The ship now has a deck!
  • Wonder Chest now works (use it to deposit items and key items for your next playthrough!)
  • Weapons and armors are now automatically sent to your next playthrough!
  • Added CatP war declaration animation!
  • Several bugs and typos fixed.


  1. Is there a forum or a place where you can post a general request?

    The link for the free versin does not work!

  2. Well, that is pretty much sad… I hoped that old portraits sets will expanded after a while. Anyway – thx for clearing things up.

  3. When using the old golem portrait, upon entering her throne room, the game crashes and shows message : “unable to find file: graphics/pictures/golem princess dial drider.old”.

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