Pregnancy Preview

Sup, it’s finally time to show something about the whole pregnancy deal!
There’s a huge amount of things planned up and of work behind it, but I want with today’s post to show at least the ropes of it!

Ready? Ok, let’s start with this.

Some Princesses will give birth to a live baby, other will lay eggs, other again will split in two, and so on…

Like I said last time, the girls have different reproduction methods, going from the more standard ones (for humanoids and animal-like Princesses) to the most specific methods (for monstergirls and the likes).

The legend above will be useful for what’s coming next, and also helps to understand what the Knight will have to deal with, if he decides (or happens…) to get a girl pregnant!

Before even considering getting a little Prince/Princess out of them their mother needs to be fertile, ready to breed. When that is may vary…

Some of them depend on the climate, some are fertiles certain days of the month/year, other ones are NEVER fertile.

Starting v0.12.2 the game will have an internal, hidden, clock regulating fertility for all of them.

If a Princess is NEVER fertile it means that you can have sex whenever you want with them, but they won’t give you a baby.
Obviously, there are ways to revert that, or it would be no fun~

That’s a lot of stuff to remember, and they are but a fraction of the “impregnable” girls that will be in the final version, that’s why there’s a simpler method to check if a Princess is ready to have a baby or not.

That glow coming from KoboldP’s ovary in the second frame means she’s ovulating, thus having sex with her could lead to a pregnancy!
Since she’s a reptile she won’t give birth to a live baby (I know, some reptiles actually do that…), but to a single, big, egg.

When an egg (or more) is deposed you’ll have to guard it either by keeping it in your team (and renuncing to a 4th team member) or leaving the egg and the mother in the Tavern.

You can leave the egg alone but bad things may happen to it while you’re away.

With the next Test Version (v0.12.2, out the 13th of June) you’ll be able to test firsthand most of these features, including the pregnant portraits for all the Princesses, but the whole delivery part will have to wait for the following weeks!

I hope you found this interesting! Until next time!


  1. It will be possible to get one pregnant at any point in time, but before she joins you have no Diary to check her status.

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