Memory Leak solved! v0.12.3 announcement!

Now that the memory issues seem to be gone for good (if you had such problems in a prior versions, give a try to v0.12.2 now) is already time to move on!

v0.12.3 will release by the 2nd of July (together with v0.12 Public Release)!

Here are some of the changes that will be included in the new version:

  • Infiltration events for Skeleton, Ghost and Moth Princess;
  • Pregnancy announcement scenes (12!, one for each girl);
  • Dragon Princess II route continues;
  • Dragon Princess II animation #2;
  • Goblin Princess animation #1;
  • More assets for pregnancy (showing the overall progress and the expected number of babies) to use in the Diaries;
  • Pregnant + Naked portraits;
  • Slave costumes you can get by recruiting a Princess in a Slave Auction or by getting in the Gazer Prison.

There’s no better jailor for a prison without anywhere to hide!


  1. Little question about assets – will be there some kind of cum-filling assets like in VH(maybe in future) or it's only attached to indicators?

  2. Oh! Pardon me for incorrect mention, I mean the womb assets but if you mean them too – it's Incredibly Nice to hear.

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