1. I feel like the dragon queen would be angry if the knight made a child with one of the dragon princesses (or all three)?

  2. Is the knight even going to be able to impregnate the dragons? Would love some clarity on that.

  3. are you planning on redoing a lot of the sprites and tiles in the game? as a lot of people i know or have seen don't like the look of the game because it looks too much like the in built RPG maker tile and sprite set and assume it to be a low quality game so they don't support it

  4. I hope you guys fix the fact that the princesses that doesn't have any sex animations cannot be impregnated by the MC (Not sure about rape). It's a real turn off since most of the princesses doesn't have sex animation.
    You give them the aphrodisiac then proceed with the snu snu, when you check the diary nothing increases or changes except for the corruption meter. Care to comment?

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