1. I am trying to do the sphinx fortress challenege and am at the final room, but I must be missing something cause I have tried using and attacking everything with little success. Even cornered one of thos shooting thingies to try and either kill or use it.

  2. There is a problem with the public version, because a audio file is missing so i can not start the game.”Unable to find file: Audio/SE/Decision3″

  3. I got around to finally trying the game out, 0.12 the public version, but after completing the Lost Paladin quest and reaching rank 3 I get an error message and the game crashes. This is the message I get.

    “Script 'Window_Message' line 351: NoMethodError occured.

    undefined method 'upcase' for nil:NilClass”

  4. I was rank 2 before completing it, and when I went to report it to the NPC it would say “You reached rank 3 with Knights inc.” and then that's when the error message pops up immediately after.

  5. Hey guys, just wanted to comment here as well, since I left a review on TFgames's website. Please fix the bugs in your game LOL. Granted it could be that I'm just that good, yet there are so many bugs when you put in “Conditions” to progress lol I recommend back tracking a bit or hire some testers. Thanks for listening. PS great game “so far” cant beat the game since bugs break the game, cause crashes or errors.

  6. I don't know which version you're playing, with patch4 for v0.12.3 (likely released today), I'll have dealt with all the crash reports we got until now.

    If you're having crashes the only way to get them solved is to report them to towergirlskc@gmail.com or to hope for someone to report the same problems you're experiencing!

    Thank you nonetheless~

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