Mothers, Sons & Daughters

Time to talk about what will spawn from our kinky pregnancy system!

Mothers, Sons & Daughters

Let’s see what we have and answer some questions.
Right now pregnancies are regulated by
  • Fertility cycles that decide a Princess’ chance of getting pregnant
Reptile assets, right now is only Kobold. Soon the dragons too.

  • Racial differences of duration and number of offsprings

Twins are unlikely, but shit happens!

A pregnant Princess won’t immediately show her pregnant form

Usually you’ll see her like this after the first half of the pregnancy.

Who can get pregnant? What’s the duration of their pregnancies?

  • Kobold Princess [14 days]
  • Human Princess [60 days]
  • Slime Princess [7 days]
  • Golem Princess [60 days]
  • Insect Princess [7 days]
  • Skeleton Princess [20 days]
  • Desert Princess [60 days]
  • Ghost Princess [60 days] 
  • Goblin Princess [40 days]
  • Moth Princess [14 days]
  • Cat Princess [20 days]
  • Dog Princess [20 days]
and the next ones are
  • Dragon Princess I
  • Dragon Princesss II
  • Mouse Princess
Is Knight the only one able to impregnate them?
  • Princesses you have in your party can get pregnant of Knight
  • Princesses you have in your party can get pregnant of monsters or enemies
  • Princesses that are still on their thrones can get pregnant of Knight only

What do I have to do if a Princess gets pregnant?

  • If you’re the father you will have to take responsibility
  • If you are not the father you will be able to choose 
  • If she’s still on her throne you won’t be able to take responsibility, peasant!
If you choose not to raise the child, after the delivery he will disappear into the big, wide, world.

What can a Princess do during her pregnancy? Are there risks?
  • She can fight [Risk of losing the child, if she’s defeated]
  • You can sell her to the Brothel [Low risk of losing the child]
  • You can have sex with her in the tent [No risk]
  • She can get raped [Risk of losing the child]
  • She can stay in the Tavern and chill [No risk]
If a Princess is ready to deliver…
  • If she’s still on her throne you won’t be notified of it
  • If she’s in your team / in the Tavern / in the Brothel… you will be notified
After the delivery, if you keep him/her, the baby will become part of the game.
He will grow through an infant(for mammals) or egg(for reptiles,birds, fishes…) phase, followed by a child phase.
The child will always have her mother’s race.
The duration of the infant/egg phase will be long for humanoids, medium for other mammals, short for other species.

During the infant/egg phase:
  • he/she’s useless
  • you have to name him/her
  • he /she will have no portrait
  • you won’t know much about it (you will be able to know the sex of the infant, but not of the egg) 
  • you will have to leave a party member behind to look over his/her safety (the mother is always better… except maybe Dog Princess if she had a female…)
  • you can decide to leave the egg/baby alone, but bad things may happen!

If you fail to look over it

  • he/she won’t die
  • He/she may be able to grow up without you
  • After some time he/she may appear again somewhere… hopefully somewhere safe

If you manage to watch over it the infant/egg will become a child!

The child…
  • can become a party member
  • can be sent into the world, he will appear again somewhere
  • will have his/her own portrait
  • may be needed for some of the routes (Cat Princess to name one, joining her hunting squad)


During the infant/egg phase:
  • he/she will be in her mother’s care
  • you won’t be able to name him/her
  • he/she will be safe, until a siege happens
  • if you save a Princess with an infant from a siege the infant/egg will disappear, same thing if you don’t save her
During the child phase:
  • he/she will be around the city
  • he/she will be safe, until a siege happens
  • if you save a Princess with a child from a siege he/she will be taken hostage in her place
  • if you don’t save the Princess they will be both taken hostage or killed
  • if you reach maximum affinity with his/her mother you may be able to convince the Princess to follow you without needing a siege! He/she will take her place and the reign won’t fall!

And now, what about the offspring’s looks?
This is the best part:
  • there will be different body types
  • there will be body parts’ variations
  • you can influence their future looks with items you can “feed” the mother, or visiting certain places
  • hundred of combinations for each race
Something may vary, but this is how it’s being worked on!
We already started working on the assets, can’t wait to show something to everyone!
And sorry for the wall of text!


  1. It's been quite awhile since I played the game and I have a question. Are “active npc” the other characters that would go around interacting with the princesses?

  2. The “active npc” are the npc's that move around and can be seen in the map and don't stay at only one location, like the kobold knight. They can also usually be interacted with, by talking normally to them in the map.

  3. This is undoubtedly the highest amount of effort a dev team has ever invested if it comes to pregnancy stuff. If you pull that off you'll become a legend, i guess. =3

  4. Holy shit, we'll be able to just endlessly customize offspring and their lives? That sounds like an absurd amount of work, but props to you if you guys can pull it off.

    Is there, or will there be any point in having Monster offspring intentionally? Or does it just affect their looks? There are games where you need to let monsters hit you with special attacks to learn them, and games where you can breed units you control with one another in the hopes of producing offspring who combine multiple synergistic traits from their parents…I dunno, it's probably too early to ask a question like that. Thanks for all the hard work!

  5. Will the best ending be befriending all of the dragons and keeping all the reigns at peace? and can you convince the other adventurers and the princesses to go along with this idea?

  6. it probs only if the child is not related to the knight since she did say “i see you giving me lots of puppies!”

  7. It would be really nice if the bug that makes bandits stop spawning in the world was fixed.

  8. honestly, if this was some random-ass project i saw online, it would seem like a scam, but with the amount of effort you have done in the game already, AND got several amazing artists on bored (including the original artist) this seems like a easy task for you. id donate but im broke as Fuuuuuuuck

  9. Wow, This is awesome and I gotta say you guys are doing a great job and I look forward to seeing how this turns out.

    Oh man, This is gonna be so cool when this is put in and I got to say the whole part about how the child may inherit his/her genes and come out as a hybrid is awesome.

  10. For some reason my game crashes whenever I melee with any of the princess excluding human princess do to them having the same melee; any help would be appreciated.

  11. Sorry if this question is off topic, but I just have to ask. Holstaurus is futa and her ability in the cards is to give milk that will change the drinker into a futa as well or back to their original self. Is there any plan to include her as a character to collect as a party member with lewd scenes or plans to have the other princesses able to become futa? If so, I will throw all my money at your face to make this happen. XD

  12. Hi i fond a crash with Golem Princess i have her in my party and then at night i enter camp and then crash and a error masage appers start -> “Script 'game_interpeter' line 1411: NoMethodError occurred. undefined method `[]='fore 0:Fixnum” < - the end, But if i place Golem Princess in the tavern and go in to camp at night it works just fine and do not pay the nice snake lady 2000 gold for some bedsheet dancing at tavern a crash over ther aswell i have only tested with 2000 but with 500 works just fine. “only the insane equate pain with success”

  13. You're playing the public (v0.12) or Patreon version of the game (v0.12.3)?
    Are you using the patches?

    That sounds like the crash that occured when a pregnancy was triggered before applying patch1 for v0.12.3.
    Make sure you download patch2 (it includes all the fixes of patch1) and place it in your “Patches” folder, after emptying it.

  14. So I think the moth princess isn't accessible during the day anymore so you can't save her from her nightmares, unless I am doing something wrong. Im playing the Patreon version.

  15. During that step you're now supposed to put the guard at the gate to sleep or to sneak past her, IF I DIDN'T FORGET to add that!
    The fix will be in patch3, thank you for the report!

  16. I'm playing it on my mac through Wine so that mite be it, I'll just use my old pc and if the something happens i'll send you a screen shot of it; thank for your willing to help 🙂

  17. Sorry don't know where else to put this but is there a schedule for when you can get on the boat to the beach because i have seen it docked one and never again. So how do you get to the boat so you can go to the beach?

  18. A Pirate goes where he wants!
    (The ship usually docks near the tavern/slimes/church/golems/skeletons, just look around in the world map until you see Pirate Princess' ship going to one of those)

  19. In the new public version the Quala's Brothel is not working very well, you can sell girls but can't buy them back, upon selecting the option you get the error “Script 'cache' line 197: RGSSError occurred. failed to create bitmap”, the brothel is located at the goblin kingdom if that matters. (Is there anywhere to report any bugs found within the game, I've run into quite a few)

  20. I can't seem to activate any of human princesses campfire scenes even with max love. Were they removed or is it just bugged right now?

  21. Errr Golem princesses big mommy suit image is missing i have it but when i chek it in the Diary after equping it, the game crash and i recive a error massage “Unabel to find file: Graphics/pictures/golemmenussh” thats it

  22. Don't know if it's your case, right now you cannot access her scenes if you bought her from the Slave Market.
    You need to have played her events while she was on her throne.

  23. Where do I find the merchant that sells adult themed goods for dragon princess II's questline? I can't cross the bridge on the north continent either, even when its raining.

  24. Trevor is who you're looking for, most nights he'll be at the tavern and by talking to him he'll offer you three books, while you can buy all of them DPII will only accept one so use your judgement to determine which is the right one.
    To cross the bridge you have to visit it during clear skies and go through a hole on the left to access below the bridge, push the crates to form a bridge, come back during rain and if you did it right you can just walk over the boxes. After exiting through the bottom the bridge will construct itself allowing you to cross it at anytime.

  25. if the stud draft can make any thing pregnant does that include boy princess, and if boy princess drinks it will the knight get pregnant?

  26. I know it is not the issue but I need help someone can tell me how to unlock the great dungeon and another thing as I do to recruit the princesses without losing their kingdom at the end of the missions just tell me to come back soon and not give me more dialogue I have to wait some time ???

  27. Haven't actually done this but is it possible to convince a princess to leave the throne and follow MC without a siege? Of course without her being pregnant.

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