The Invasion of the Kingdom

When it started we just wanted to give a distinct look to all the kids you could get during a playthrough, but now…

Are we still talking about baby-making or is this becoming a MASSIVE character creator?

These are supposed to be the looks of the little heirs you get from Princesses, but nothing’s stopping us from using them as random NPCs, quest givers, or random travelers you may find around the Kingdom!
The world would look different everytime, replaying the game will be much more enjoyable, without stealing the spotlight from the main cast!

Right after Cutebolds came the Kittens, Slimeys, Hummies, Goblets and Puppies.

We’re are about halfway in and there’s already around 10000 different looking NPCs ready to be born into any playthrough!

No two runs will ever be the same!

I’ll soon be done with the baby deliveries and the needed Daycare/Deposit system for the kids you won’t use, I’ll upgrade the Progeny Simulator for the new races and in the meantime I’ll keep working on Mouse Princess!
Expect a new release date soon!


  1. Fucking lack of editing options…. BTT: Whats the prob in understanding dragon pregnancy? They lay eggs after a while just as Kobold or Insect Princess do and a little bit later something cute comes out of it.

  2. No i mean considering the way their routes work. Didn't the dev say that there was an item to impregnate skeleton and others?

  3. Well since the Dragon Queen doesn't care that much about her daughters little persuation is needed to turn them on Sir Knights side. A few presents, some fine words and everything should be ready to have a good time.

    For skeleton princess i heard something about necromancy to get a result but all you need to do is waiting a little bit longer. :S

  4. So offspring can become random NPCs, quest givers, or random travelers…in New Game+ playthroughs, or just in the game itself as time went on?

    Also, do DesertP and HumanP split the “Hummies” on their own, or will AssassinP get in on that action?

  5. I think he's talking about the Stud's Draught, which supposedly amps the drinker's virility to a ludicrous degree so that they can impregnate *anything* and *anyone* after chugging it. In the same way that GhostP's item, the Bridal Veil, is supposed to let you skip romancing and let you rescue a princess from a siege without having any affection with her, the Stud's Draught was supposed to let you skip pregnancy qualification stuff. Knock up Boy Princess, Golem Princess, or a Princess made out of sticks and frigging stones if you could find a hole to fuck.

    I dunno about the Dragons, but I'd love to see some way to recruit the route-specific princesses eventually. Or recruit the Dragons again somehow. All of the completed routes just end the game when you finish so far, don't they?

  6. >sticks and stones princess

    They might make a Halloween version of SkeletonP or GhostP into “Scarecrow Princess” or something. Ask every so often and see if you can throw some Choco-D their way and someone might go for it.

  7. The middle human reminds me of a blacksmith, hell if i know why. Other than that this looks like a pretty baller NPC creator.

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