The Invasion of the Kingdom #2

We just added 3 more races to the Progeny and the remaining 4 will be ready by the end of this month, making it 13! 
That will make for all of the main Princesses of the game, including Mouse Princess! After that point we’ll just have to work on the dragons and on the new races that will get added.
This is just a random collage, these 3 races ALONE have more than 9000 different looks!
Like for the slimes, giving birth in certain conditions will cause them to have different looks:
  • If Moth Princess gives birth during daytime her progeny won’t immediately be in the final stage. They will look like that huge caterpillar in picture!
    Shortly after those larvas will reveal their true forms. The only thing they are going to keep is the colour, not even their sex is guaranteed!
  • In Desert Princess’ case, you will have to manage her Lust and Corruption score instead.
    If she has 0 Corruption her kids will end up looking like normal humans, but if the score increases there will be a chance for them to take the Succubus form (Lust > Corruption) or the Satyr one (Corruption > Lust)!

Similiar mechanics are being added for all the races, random is good but I prefer to give the Player the ability to influence the outcome!

Later this month I’ll also open the poll for the 14th Princess, with a twist!

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  1. How will alternate forms, like Butterfly Moth Princess, affect the Progeny?

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