Kobold King’s Story #2

Kobold King’s Story #1 here!

I worked a lot on this route lately, here’s some progress to show for it!

Here’s the tasks and what they do!

Easy enough. They go in the mines and dig all day long!

From the mines they can get Stone (common), Crystal (rare) or rare items!

Stones and crystals will be delivered to you starting the following morning, rare items will be instead sent to the Merchants!
You can open up to 2 shops in the Fortress, selling different kinds of goods. They get them from the Miners and the only way for Merchants to have better items in stock is to send more kobolds to dig out stones and treasures!
The quality of the items will slowly drop if you stop to send miners, make sure to manage that!
They dig new tunnels and open up new areas of the Fortress! They can also open the final passage to the outside world.

Only if that passage is open the Fortress can get Princesses as visitors (will require a Noble) and you can send your subjects to cut Wood!

I should say Noble“, since for now only 1 slot is available for this task.

You will be able to pick one of your Kobold Heirs (daughters or sons of Kobold Princess) for this role. The Noble will stand in the throne room of the Fortress and keep company with the foreign Princesses that will occasionally come visit the Fortress!

Hard to unlock but simple to understand. They go out and cut trees to get Wood! There’s only another way to buy Wood in game, but that’s costly, so you might want to always have some of your subjects cutting trees!
The Barkeep is a fine kobold that manages the most lively part of the Fortress: the tavern! During night most of the workers will rest and that’s where you’ll find them, drinking Mushroom Rootbeer.
Farmers are probably the most fundamental workers in the Fortress. They can grow crops only after the farm zone is clean and irrigated though.

The farm won’t be ready in a day, but after that point you’ll be able to have a self-sustaining Fortress, without relying on outside helps (the quest “Ration for Swords” being the only other source of delicious mushrooms as of v0.12.6)

Look at how proficient Knocker #4 is! The others should learn from him!
Remember that if Food drops to 0 your kobolds and knockers will stop working, except for the Farmers and the Tunnelers!

That would shut down the productivity of the Fortress, so always keep an eye on the Food’s level!

That’s it for now, there are also new structures to build in the Fortress but this got wordy enough for one post!
Just check this preview of a new zone, the Ancient Battlefield, and get ready for v0.12.6, releasing in 10 days and bringing much more than what we talked about in here!
Those rusty golems sitting around are long since inactive… are they?

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