v0.12.6! 1 week to release!

Man, all this talk about the new Poll, and I almost forgot to work on the new features for v0.12.6.
Yea, nah.

1 WEEK TO v0.12.6!

Fairy Princess has been reworked completely! A new adult scene (10+ CGs) and a new quest for her are ready! 

Here’s something more we worked on! All of it will be in the version releasing next week!

  • The Holstaur Milk Bar

Those poor holstauri are under the rule of the most powerful reign of the territories around their farm!
They produce milk for them (in picture you see Incubi, meaning Desert Princess!) and Holstaur Princess is the most prized milk-producer. Still, she has close to no power, not even over her own farm!

  • A new Knight’s INC quest: Milking time!
The bar is full of patrons! The holstauri need your help to keep the milk flowing (there are milk fountains too!).
Sometimes a man gotta do what a man gotta do: you have to milk Holstaur Princess (animation in the works), pressing Left or Right, depending on the commands you see on the screen!
Succeed and you will be rewarded with one of the 12 new maid costumes!

  • The Ancient Battlefield

That rusty golem over there has some serious memory issues… maybe there’s a way to get him to do what you want?
  • New adult animations (InsectP and DesertP),  new Progeny classes, custom skills and speech lines, a lot of new sprites and portraits, a truck of bugs fixed and a centauress!
I feel like I’m not teasing you enough. Let’s take a look ahead of us too…
  • The 4 remaining Progenies!
Ghost, Skeleton, Golem and Mouse.
All of them will be ready in a couple weeks, and v0.13 will have all the available Progeny races in it!

Spooky skeletons! Best race ever!

  • A glimpse of Mouse Princess’ Clocktown!

In v0.12.6 the Clocktown will be in her own place, right between the two halves of the Kingdom!
It will be explorable and full of life by v0.13, when Mouse Princess releases!
v0.13 releasing will mean, after a long time, the arrival of a new Public build!


  1. My character got stuck facing one direction when interacting with the boy within the insect feeder grounds @ Fairy princess battle :(, restarting the game does nothing, nor does replacing the files within the folder. Seems like it's tied to my save file.

  2. I'll see what's wrong, but it should solve itself (at least in the latest versions) if you enter any map and leave to the world map again.

  3. Well,They haven't said much yet but I'm gonna take a shot in the dark and say that Towerfag and Gats had some kind of disagreement and things got nasty quick so Gats decided that he's gonna take his ball (artwork) and go home but Towerfag made sure that the team signs contract and Gats is pissed so now it seems there's gonna be a huge legal battle now.

    Go to their patron page and you'll see. Tbh, I'm truly hoping this isn't related to Gat.

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