Version 0.12.6c Public Release!




  • Desert Princess adult animation #2 added!
  • Reworked War and Peace mechanics, if the Diplomacy between two reign improves they will now make peace!
  • Reworked the “Tea Party” quests. They can now vastly improve the Diplomacy between reigns!
  • New route for the Insect-Golem wars, going through Skeleton and/or Human is now possible!
  • Reworked ingame time speed. By default an ingame day will last 8 minutes (before it was 24) and you can set it to a custom speed (1~99 minutes/day) using the “Customizations” menu when you start a new game!
  • If you don’t let a Princess rest (in the Tavern or in the Campsite) before the delivery, the child will recieve a (light) malus to its stats!
  • New item: “Oxytocin Salts“! Halves the time remaining to a Princess’ pregnancy (you can gift it to the ones still on their thrones too)!
  • New item: “Little Cheat Stone“! Consumable item you can use to open the Cheats Menu outside the World Map!
  • New cheat: “Put Flowers in your Towers” (Peace everywhere)!
  • New cheat: “Reset Diplomacy”!
  • New cheat: “Select game speed”!
  • Added the first 10$-NPC with custom portrait!


  • Game freezing during Ghost Princess event in the Cemetery fixed.
  • Patch system loading during Cow Races or Beach quest fixed.
  • Fairy Princess won’t disappear from her forest when Insect Princess surfaces.
  • Dragon Princess I won’t show in her hideout if you’re in Dog Princess’ route.
  • Game crashing when buying Slime or Insect Princess from the Slave Market fixed.
  • Knight unable to leave the Wolf Cave if going inside alone for the first time alone fixed
  • Several other bugs and typos fixed.

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  • The “Customizations” doing the opposite of what you select regarding BattleFucks
  • Added a simple, temporary, cheat (1 1 1 1 1 1) to turn ON/OFF BattleFucks
  • Dog attack on Cat from repeating itself
  • Slime Fertilty reworked (MAX if she’s still the Princess of her reign, 0 after you recruit her but goes back to MAX after her adult scene)
  • No more “Missing Animations” in Battlefucks or sex in tent / infiltrations (except for the girls that have no animation).

To apply a new patch, empty your “Patches” folder and move the new “.rvdata2” file into it. Patches can lead to memory issues, so we’ll stick to little ones. If anything major needs a patch I’ll just make a new release.

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