1. It seems that the former lead artiest Gats is trying to destroy the game over the battlefuck system something that he was fully aware of before he joined and is now DMCA-ing the hell out of the game until it is dead.

    Towerfag was able to get a good lawyer so I'm pretty sure everything is safe and as for Gats this will only damage his reputation.

  2. but isn't the battle fuck thing optional, all you do is not add any lust to your character

  3. Small bug note-

    The “no glasses” option for human race sets to square glasses, while “square glasses” sets to monocles.

    Hope to see this legal biz handled soon.

  4. Terrible to see this happening though, here's to hoping the issue is resolved soon. Kind of despicable actions on the others part but at least it can be resolved now instead of being pulled out as some larger problem further down the line…

  5. i found a odd game breaking bug in the public version.
    after the getting the abducted and told to kill the human princess scene I immediately got the dragon princess 2 meeting after that scene was over I was unable to move and had to exit out the game.

  6. if the only problem between you and gats is just you not admitting TG is gats property and not the consensual stuff, why not just sort it out and say that TG is gats and bring him back, as this will only end in a dumpster fire for both if not…

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