v0.13 Public Release!!

Finally time to release the links for the new version of the game, v0.13!

This took a LOT of effort from the whole team, I hope you have a good time playing!

Here’s the changelog for v0.13:

-Mouse Clocktown map added!
-Mouse Clocktower map(s) added!
-Greenkin Brewery map added!
-Old Church map added!
-Forgotten Garden map added!
-Rocky Tunnels map added!
-Pyramid floors (all 3) reworked, for better looks and lights!
-Mouse “Knights INC.” quest added!
-Mouse questline (5 steps) added!
-Werebeast quest added!
-New step for KoboldP route added!
-DPII route’s “prison escape” step expanded!
-Lamia’s scene rewritten!
-Mouse costumes (swimsuit, maid dress, prisoner outfit) added!
-Mouse diary added!
-Taxes mechanic added (reigns have to pay MouseP to cross the N/S border)!
-Mouse added to “Tea Party” quests!
-Mouse added to “Panties Thief” quest!
-Patron NPCs can now enter the Clocktown too!
-Added Status Screen for Mouse!
-“Armour du Chocolat” added! Drains choco-dicks instead of HPs!
-“Mithril Rings” added! What you insert in one ring will come our from all the others!
-You can now combine “Mithril Rings” and “Princess Panties” for unexpected results!
-“Stud’s Draught” added! Impregnate anything for 24 hours!
-Goblin drinks added! “Shamrock Fresh”, “Goblin Ale” and “Gremlin Booze”! Restore MP with a drink!
-Skeleton Progeny added!
-Ghost Progeny added!
-Golem Progeny added!
-Mouse Progeny added!
-Kobold Progeny now has 16 different looking sprites (sex/colour/horns)!
-Added specific ways to breed Gravelords (skeleton elite progeny) and MEGA-Ghosts (ghost elite progeny)!
-Dog animation #1 added!
-Ghost animation #1 added!
-Kobold NPCs animation #1 added (4 different colours)!
-Kobold NPCs animation #2 added (4 different colours)!
-Goblin NPCs [normal goblin] animation #1 added (4 different colours)!
-Goblin NPCs [bugbear] animation #1 added (16 different colours)!
-Reworked the frame timing for all the animations!
-New Patron (DQ-tier) NPCs added (Mugen, Niu’ya, Helias)
-Added random NPCs, with custom dialogues in the Faun’s Tavern!
-Added random NPCs, with custom dialogues in the Clocktown!
-Added random NPCs, with custom dialogues in the Greenkin Brewery!
-Added random NPCs, with custom dialogues in the Dance Club of Death!
-Added random NPCs, with custom dialogues in the Holstaur Milk Bar!
-Added random NPCs, with custom dialogues in the Forgotten Garden!
-Only races friendly with eachother will show in these enstablishments!
-Added Luck stat for enemies too (they can now crit against the player, both with melee and skills)!
-Player’s skills can now crit too!
-“Gift to Princess” options expanded!
-Pregnancy lenghts reduced dramatically!
-Kobold nobles will auto-gather resources in the Kobold Fortress!
-Added “Mannequins” in all the Princesses’ rooms. Dress it up and the Princess will be dressed like that from that point onward!
-After buying a princess from the goblins (or recruiting Dog) you will now be allowed to rename her!
-You can now convince a Princess to elope with you if she has a Heir! The Reign won’t fall this way.
-Visiting a reign with an Heir will give you the option to chat with him/her instead of the Princess.
-Status Screen revamped! New look and shows the items currently active on the Princesses.
-Added “illustrated signs” for the Wolves Cave(1) and the Kobold Fortress(2)!
-Added new BGM for the Old Church!
-Added new BGM for the Forgotten Garden!
-Added new BGM for the Clocktown!
-Goblin NPCs sprites added (16 different ones)!
-Dog NPCs sprites added (15 different ones)!
-Cat sprites added (48 different ones)!
-Mugen, Micheal, Niuya, Helias sprites added!
-Cat x Kobold fluff scene added!

Here you can check the complete changelog for all the versions of the game

Become a Patron to reach the DL links beyond this point


DOWNLOAD Patch3 for v0.13


  • Desert Princess eloping scene
  • Ghost Princess eloping scene
  • Starchy fight during Human Princess questline
  • NPCs spawning on the Inn’s door in the Clocktown, getting stuck with the Knight.
  • Mithril Rings reset function
  • Goblin Princess crash during her questline (step 4)
  • Slave auction messages looping if you offer too close to the end of the auction
  • Crashes during combat while using Desert or Goblin Princess (or any other party member without a chestpiece. Make sure they all wear something on the chest slot until v0.13.1)
  • Messages looping after slave auctions
  • Crashes during war declarations
  • Panties not respawning correctly in Princesses’ rooms
  • Animations bugging up when offering progeny to fauna (you cannot offer them to fauna anymore)
  • Dragon Princess II scene looping after the adult animation
  • Swimsuits quest freezing the game when you get all of them
  • Issues with Sphinx Princess / Dullahan Princess events
  • Money count bugging up when you go higher than 99999
  • Mouse pregnancy announcement featuring Slime Princess instead (for now it fades to black, in v0.13.1 Mouse Princess will have her own scene)

To apply a new patch, empty your “Patches” folder and move the new “.rvdata2” file into it. Patches can lead to memory issues, so we’ll stick to little ones. If anything major needs a patch I’ll just make a new release.


  1. I can’t download it because it’s blocked for people, doesn’t have patreon account!!

      1. I bought this game on Itch.io and now everything’s gone due to copyright. Any news on when it will be back up. Have we lost everthing?

      2. Make sure to check the comment section on Itch.io

        Nobody lost anything, if you bought Early Access on Itch you’ll get the new version as it gets out, as promised. The thing is, v0.14 is still the latest one, since we’re rebranding the game before releasing v0.15. When that happens the Itch.io page will be restored too.

        Hope I answered your question! Thank you for the support

  2. So i have this problem. The game starts, but pressing start crashes it with error: “Unable to find file: Audio/SE/Decision3” And if i try to move up or down in the menu i get the same error but for file “Audio/SE/Cursor2”

  3. I tried to open game but i get error
    RPGVXAce RTP is required to run this game.

    help me please

      1. Sorry this is my first time to playing this game i don’t know it’s needed to download RPG maker VX Ace RTP files

        thanks for quick reply !

      2. I downloaded it now am confused due to it just giving me some setup things

      3. These are files you need to install in order to play all RPG Maker VX Ace games (that’s the engine we’re using).
        Now go and DL the game itself! Extract it and run the .exe file!

      1. You have just to move the .rvdata2 file into the “Patches” folder. Simple as that.

      2. yeah i try that then all the files disappear the next day. i’ll try it again but it most likely will happen again.

      1. As I start the game. I don’t get to the title screen. I get to the game window with a completely black field while the game is presumably to load up, but it never does. Instead my computer stops responding after my screen freezes entirely.

  4. I have the exact same problem as randomoddguy except my game only started to crash after set it into full-screen with the f5 key. I don’t reach the title screen anymore and only have a black screen until my computer says that the “RGSS3 Player has stopped working”.

    1. Nevermind, I fixed it by opening task manager and pressing alt+esc as the game was opening, although the full-screen is very off center.

  5. I never played any of the previous versions of this game before so i tried to start with newest version. However when i try to download it comes up as a rar folder. can u help me out?

  6. So, I tried out the new heir mecanic! It’s pretty cool and a nice alternative to just barging into the kingdom. However the first to give birth was moth princess. I went to her at day and eloped everything working only, she was somehow still fully pregnant. A day or two later she’s ready to give birth. The process goes through normally and I think oh that’s good. Then she immediately births another after the first and I’m like twins as well I didn’t kn-… It continued for a WHILE. Total of 5 that night so 6 total, two of which are larvae. Is it right to assume this is a bug oooooor?

    1. Oh and side note: All of the progeny are females. May be worth noting.

  7. Is the “new” art the default? This is the first version I’ve played and I’m not sure if the more realistic art is the new art or if the more chibi-eque art is the new art. I want to grab all the costumes, and since they aren’t compatible with the new portraits i don’t want to get too far in without knowing. Thanks in advance.

    1. Yes, the default ones are the new ones and all the costumes are and will be made only for those!

    1. It’s said pretty clearly in the post. Just drag the .rvdata2 file into the “Patches” folder.

  8. The game doesn’t seem to respond to my arrow key buttons but has no issue acknowledging when I hit enter. I’ve download and installed the required RPGXAce files and the patch has been placed in the folder it belongs. Any solutions?

  9. I’m having the following error when trying to play the slave impregnation quest from the goblin princess questline:

    script ‘item pop up’ line 109: ZeroDivisionError occurred. divided by 0.

    1. The error was fixed in patch3 for v0.13.
      The patch is downloadable from the same release post as v0.13, just follow the instructions and you won’t have that (and many more) bug in your game!

      1. When I attempt to start the game. Adobe Flash tells me h\the filed the game uses is not compatible or they are damaged.

  10. I can’t move when Starchy challenges me.

    I’m stuck just standing in one spot while he just uses charge over and over again.

  11. Hey! this is the first time I’ve tried this game and it’s great so far… but I can’t save. No matter what i try whenever i press enter on any file to try and save it just gives me a buzzing sound and doesn’t work. I haven’t tried it anywhere else other than the save point in the tutorial, but that doesn’t really matter if i can’t get anywhere else

  12. Game loads up fine, but i cant move the selection bar. like i can select things that the bar is already on, but i cant select new things.

  13. I have a problem with using controller or/and the keyboard, it seems that my xbox 1 controller dosent react to “Accept” or other important controls, is there any way i can fix this?

  14. the website says the next public release will be in the “20th of june?”, any idea of when it is going to be coming out? sorry for asking, i am just very excited for the next update.

    1. Oh, like I said, shortly after v0.15 we’ll have another public release. Won’t be v0.14.

  15. when i start the game it writes RPGVXAce RTP is required to run this game
    what should i do please?

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