The Legend of Skelda – Chapter 2

Continued from Chapter 1

I couldn’t sleep after what happened.

The next day we started asking around, looking for a place to revert the Life Pearl‘s magic, trying to have the poor Skelda lifted of her new curse. First she was an undead, a skeleton, now her soul was trapped in the body of a larva.

Nobody knew how to help us, so we started moving around, trying to find something that could wake Skelda from her slumber…

Some days later though, in Faun’s Tavern, an insect moved by our story told us she once saw Moth Princess heading for a cave East of the golems’ domain.

We needed nothing more to start moving.

But the Kingdom is vast, full of strange places and secret passages, it wasn’t easy to find a place that could fit the description of that helpful insect.

I started losing hope, thinking  I should have just accepted Skelda’s fate, and try as hard as I could to make her life as decent as possible.

We stepped in a cave full of wolves, an old passage opened in front of us.

The strange tree we found inside was drawing Skelda to itself, I couldn’t stop her from going closer to it… and then something happened.

A little shocked, Skelda became a true moth!
I asked for “a little meat on her bones“, the RNG Gods toyed with me, then gave me what I asked for!


Larvae can now turn into fully developed moths!

Hurray for the RNG Gods! Hurray for Skelda!

I won’t play with my Progeny’s life ever again!


Continues in Chapter 3

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