The Legend of Skelda – Chapter 5

Continued from Chapter 4

Let’s expand this thing a little. I’ll also post the current equipments and items the team is carrying.
Remember that the Towergirls Kingdom in this “Skelda Adventure” will evolve just as if we were playing the game!


1 Potion




Skelda, now an incorporeal ghost, can travel long distances without suffering fatigue, nor hunger!
Rain doesn’t concern her either. Being a spirit sure has its benefits!

The two of you manage to reach the Slime’s Reign without troubles.

Your eyes are set on the Life Pearl, the only way to get a beating heart back on the poor girl’s chest!

How much longer is this cycle of death and rebirth allowed to continue before something really bad happens to Skelda!?

But that’s a bridge you’ll cross when you reach it, there are urgent matters at hand, like managing to sneak past Slime Princess’ guards to reach the Life Pearl…

…or not.

You enter once again the cave where it all began, hoping it will be the last time you’re forced to do so.

You know its location, you know how to use the Life Pearl, but an unexpected gooey obstacle appears in front of you!

SP: “Hey, what are you doing here, ghost lady~?”
SP: “This is a sacred place to all my jelly subjects, you can’t come and go from here as it pleases you!”
SP: “If you want to touch my precious pearl you have to give me something first~!”

Continues in Chapter 6

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