The Legend of Skelda – Chapter 6

Continued from Chapter 5


1 Potion





You decided to give Knight’s [Long Sword] to Slime Princess!

As promised, she allows the two of you to touch her Life Pearl once again!

Skelda touches it with her incorporeal hand and, as expected…

The Life Pearl’s magic at work once again!

Skelda got resurrected as a sassy goblin this time around!!

However, now that she’s a living being  fatigue hits her like a truck and she collapses on the cavern’s floor soon after.
Despite your attempts she doesn’t regain consciousness.

You’re still kneeling over her, about to lift her up and head out from the cavern, when you hear steps and a stern voice.

It was Dear, the child care nurse, all along!

Dear: “I followed you around Knight, and it looks like my suspicions were on the mark!”
Dear: “This poor girl suffered enough while in your care! By the will of Rabbit Princess she comes with me now!”

There’s not much you can do, there’s no sword in your sheath and you know that Rabbit Princess’ rule concerning child care is absolute.

Dear gently lifts the fainted goblin and leaves the room, leaving only a swordless knight behind.

What will you do now? Arm and try to get Skelda back with force? Abandon her? Try to win Rabbit Princess’ sympathy? Either way, it won’t be easy!

Continues in Chapter 6.5

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