Monday Development Update [19/02]

Sup everyone! I’m making it public this time, there’s important stuff to show~

Before we start: I just released a first patch for v0.13.3, go grab it in the release’s post (here or on Patreon)!


  • Mimic Chest usage showing debug messages!
  • Mithril Rings’ chest jump in Human Castle ending causing getting stuck!
  • Progeny won’t be able to “Distribute” points anymore, as intended!
  • Dog Princess yandere tantrums triggered even when you sleep with HER!
  • NG+ resetting distributed points and costumes correctly!

And now, the actual “Development Update”!

As you may see in here there’s a lot of stuff going on.
Everyone is busy with something and giving us once again a hand despite a BUSY schedule:

  1. 3 new animations incoming, by Akai!
  2. Crest+Armor Princess artwork, by TheBoogie!
  3. Rabbit Princess scenes are being written by Kawma!
  4. TAGM is working on the OST piece for the Cotton Vineyards!
  5. More sprites are being prepared by Kaijira (running a little late with these ones)!
  6. A new map in Cat Princess’ area is also being prepared by my good friend Arknought!
  7. A bunch of new portraits are being drawn by Skittles and Tsu, working as a team!

Hoping I’m not forgetting anything here’s what I’m working on instead!

  • I’m working on Rabbit Princess in order to have her ready as soon as possible, it surely won’t be ready for v0.13.4, but I’ll try to have it for the one after that.
    I cannot promise it though, I’ll be able to give a more accurate ETD by next release.
  • Starting tomorrow I’ll be working on the “Lewd-all-NPCs” scripts. At first it will be for Knight X NPCs you find around the Kingdom!
  • You may have heard about the Princess Mode I’m preparing… here’s something more about it.

Princess Mode

A completely new game mode you will be able to access from the title screen.

As you select the “Princess Mode” (PM, in short) you’ll be asked to load a savefile before being able to start (this is important, keep it in mind).

“Princess Mode” is just a different way to call the “Fortress Management/Princess Trainer Mode” I’ve been asked for so many times, but with some additions to it!

At first I didn’t dig the idea, I couldn’t see it working in the main game without losing the focus on adventure. Rebuilding Kobold’s Fortress during her route is one thing, but dropping the sword to start playing king wasn’t something I could see the Knight doing.

That’s why in this new game mode you’ll manage the Princess instead, not the Knight!

This game mode will take place mainly in the Princess’ room, where you’ll be able to:

  • decide her schedule
  • dress her up
  • manage her diet
  • manage her reign
  • have “fun” in your tower

But you’ll also be able to leave and

  • go shopping
  • go on little adventures / vacations

All the while the Princess status will be shown with the new animations made by our new animator, TomatoTentacle!

This sounds and looks good enough for you?

Why not release it as a standalone thing?


As you play PM you’ll also influence how things are going in the main game!

After you select PM and load a savefile of TKC you’ll only be able to choose one of the Princesses currently available in your playthrough!
You do great and the Princess’ reign prospers? That will transfer to your TKC savefile!
The Princess gets kidnapped and you get stuck? That will transfer to your TKC savefile (and spawn a “rescue” quest)!
The Princess becomes corrupted because you do too many kinky stuff at night?
The Princess gains weight?
She changes dress?
She fights with another Princess?
She gets new items/equipments?

I’m sure you get it by now.


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