The next Princess has been chosen!

The results came in!

The next recruitable Princess of Towergirls Kingdom: Conquest is…


The next Princesses added will be Boy Princess to the North and Wyvern Princess to the South!

Boy Princess was 10 votes ahead, but I would have felt bad denying Wyvern her only chance to join after all the support she had during this week!

Double the work, double the love!

Now back to Rabbit Princess, she’s almost there!

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  1. Seems hype 😀
    Also a quick shoutout to the whole team, y’all a bunch of awesome people for bringing this game together and bringing the world of towergirls and the the princesses themselves to life. you are all very hard workers and we all love you for being so friggin awesome at what youre doing. keep it up and im looking forward to all the new releases to come!

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