Monday Development Update [5/03]

Dev update time! Let’s make it public and call it a v0.13.4 Preview!

I’ve been working HARD on Rabbit Princess!

There’s so much stuff going on for every reign that it takes some time just to run through all the ~700 events used by every reign, all the maps in the game, all the libraries, to ensure Rabbit works just like all the other girls do.

Now (roughly) the 90% of that part is dealt with, so v0.13.4 will include all the content for Rabbit Princess, except the events happening between the Knight and the Princess, that will be locked until v0.14, the next one incoming.
In other words, all the mechanics will be in place, waiting for her big release!

In the meantime all the fancy stuff for her will be prepared, like the first costumes (the swimsuit, the prisoner outfit and the maid dress), her questline, her reign’s soundtrack and, probably a little later, her Progeny.

For now her kids will look, like this…

Female and male buns!

…but they’re getting the same treatment as the other 13 races!

v0.13.4 will also include the first version of the “lewd all NPCs” system, for kobolds, goblins and cats!

Starting with this version, the Knight will be able to have sex with random NPCs and the animations will look as close as the NPC you’re sexing as possible, following their color scheme and body type!

Now, about the new game mode we’re preparing, Princess Mode‘s development is progressing smoothly, we’re currently working on the first Princess (Kobold) and her room is getting preview’d and updated daily for 10$+ Patrons!

Kobold room in one of the first drafts.

From the rest of the team:

Kawma finished writing a new scene, starring Insect and Slime Princess and Akai finished working on his latest animation (#37!), the one for the BUFF cats you saw above.
The animated version is here or here, for all the 5$+ supporters!

I’ve also updated the Costumes Wiki with the ones for Cat, Dog and Mouse Princess. Now they’re all in there, until I’ll have to add the ones for Rabbit too!

I’d write more but I’ll be pretty busy for the next week(s)! Yey!

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