New Team members!

Here’s a very basic introduction to the new guys working on the game!
You’ll get to know them better while they’ll keep delivering top quality stuff for both the main game of Towergirls Kingdom: Conquest and for the Princess Mode!
  • TSU, our new portrait/costume artist! Working on new portraits, new forms and new costumes for all the girls of Towergirls Kingdom: Conquest like there’s no tomorrow, in a perfect Towergirls style!

  • [Princess Mode] ​​Sommelier, the BG artist working on all the wonderful artworks for the locations needed to the Princess Mode!

  • [Princess Mode] FlynnFlann, working on the interface! To see what he’s capable of, you can check his work in here!

  • [Princess Mode] TomatoTentacle, working on the girls’ animations and soon on monsters and NPCs! His OLD page is here!

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