v0.13.4 release date and “debutantes” poll winners!

Time to write down some numbers, else I’ll end up adding even more stuff to it!

v0.13.4 will release on the 17th of March!

I’ve kept polishing the “lewd-all-NPCs” thingy more in this couple of days and I really like how it plays~. It makes me want to add even more “gathering” spots to meet random NPCs (right now we have the Faun’s Tavern, the Mice Clocktown, the Forgotten Gardens, the Greenkin Brewery, the Holstaur Milk Bar and the Dance Club of Death)!

Keeping the Kingdom peaceful will now be even more rewarding! People travel around a lot more during peaceful times, reaching the “gathering” spots, unlocking new dialogue options and love encounters for the Knight!

The “debutantes” poll also declared its verdict!

The next poll for the next recruitable Princess will see…

  • Amazon Princess 
  • Holstaur Princess 
  • Mermaid Princess 
  • Orc Princess 
  • Infernal Princess  
  • Nixie Princess 

…fighting for the next spot!

Infernal and Nixie will get their 1 time only chance!

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