v0.13.4 out in 2 days! A look to some new features!

Release day is getting close, but I ended up adding a couple unexpected features, so yea… let’s talk about that a little!

  • Whips!

Yea, whips.

A new weapon type.

Is that all?

No, of course.

It started when I worked in a new costume for Desert Princess, called “Lust Tamer” (you can view all of them in the Wiki) and I thought it would be cool, as an additional feature, for that costume to permit the Princess to use whips as weapons.

Then, as I was adding some simple, cool new weapons, I thought it was about time for our Succubus to use that whip on enemies to do what succubuses do!

With the new Love Whip () it’s now possible to have Princess ON Enemy sex, not the other way around!

  • Princess on Enemy Sex animations!

Just a hit from the Love Whip is enough to start it:

  • she takes no damage!
  • the enemy takes damage instead, influenced by the Princess’ Lust!
  • what first was but a weakness during fights can now become a weapon you can use against your enemies!
  • the Princess can shake herself off of it!
  • when the enemy dies, the climax animation plays!
  • she doesn’t increase her Corruption by doing it!

There’s some requirements to fulfill before a Princess can do it, though. She… has to be a succubus, for starters, since only succubuses can equip Whips.

Right now there’s only two in the game:

Desert Princess will need her “Lust Tamer” costume to access Whips, while Human Princess will need to get into her “Succubus Form” first (by reaching 10 Corruption once)!

Since I think it’s a cool addition, that adds new way to play and roleplay your game, I thought it would be cool to add a “Semen Demon” form for all the other Princesses too! I’ll proceed to add a new stretchgoal for them, together with new ones for Princess Mode! Being “forms” they will have their own pregnant and naked portraits, just like the one for Human does!

  • Lewd-all-NPCs

I’m happy to announce that everything is in place! We start with kobolds, goblins and cats!

The Knight can now have sex with random NPCs he meets in:

  • Faun’s Tavern
  • Dance Club of Death

  • Holstaur Milk Bar
  • Mice Clocktown

  • Forgotten Gardens
  • Greenkin Brewery

All the NPCs in there have many different dialogue lines for each race (and we’re counting 13 of them, soon to be 14 with Rabbit). Sometime you may get a “pickup line“, often paired with a love balloon of sort popping up. At that point you’ll be able to decide what to do… just make sure Dog Princess isn’t around.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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