1. Gotta admit, as much as I like all the extra outfits, new princesses, and the ‘sex-with-npc’ update, there are some things I’d rather see first.

    1. Kobold Princess – Please finish her storyline already. She was one of the first princesses and yet I’m fairly certain she’s the only one without win conditions set.

    2. Dragon Princess(es) – Can we flesh them out a bit more? I want to be able to have them in my party. Change their clothes, view their heat cycle. At this point all we have is a face-sitting, cock-teasing, money-sink and a bookworm leading us into a prison.

    3. Progeny – Aside from their use as an heir/noble, they’re completely useless. It’s their home too dammit! Why can’t I assign them to the mines/fields/whatever?

    Maybe it’s just me but I’d rather see development on what’s already in game, rather than constantly add new DLC to a game that isn’t even close to done. (Looking at you Civ)

    1. 1- v0.13.3 has a bad ending to her route. v0.14 will also have the good one.
      2- DP1 already has a completed route, DP2 will get her ending in v0.14. You can already gift them clothes and change them into it (DP1 is also getting a new one in v0.14)
      3- Noble kobolds sit around on their… tails… all day, they don’t work the fields or dig the mines up. However, new “noble” works will be added in future.

      What’s already in game is getting developed greatly and we’re also greatly widening what’s in game. It’s not an “or” scenario.

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