v0.14 Release timeframe and more…

Let’s give BIG TITLES to everything so it becomes a little less messy!


Now that I’ve finished working on the hundreds of events required for a new race and on their maps only Rabbit Princess pre-recruiting questline is left before we’re free to launch her.
It would have been cool to launch her in time for Easter, but the 1st of April is way too close! I’ll need 2-3 weeks more than that to be able to test this new release out more thoroughly.

Getting the bunnies to jump on grapes the right way required WEEKS of hard training!

Let’s say v0.14 will release by the 20th of April, give or take a couple days!

By then we should also have all the “Battle Suits” ready and we’ll be able to move onto the next reached stretchgoal: “Bunnygirl Outfits”!
I didn’t plan this out beforehand, it’s just… all about bunnies lately.

v0.14 will also feature 2 new endings:

  • Kobold Princess
  • Dragon Princess II

It’s time to get some closure on some of the routes we left open, before we start on new ones!

Cat and Skeleton Princess will probably be the next Princesses to get their own story fleshed out!

Pregnancy Wiki

On another note, I had a little spare time and added a new page to the Wiki!


This one will be kept updated with all the informations you need to know about pregnancy in Towergirls Kingdom: Conquest!
I’d say there’s no game with a system this complete, that includes pregnancy cycles, different races and custom looks for the kids, but eh… I ‘d sound a little arrogant by doing so.

Princess Mode

Have some cute icons from the (kobold) Princess Mode!

As you can see, we plan to have the ones on the left (Stats, Diet, Equip, Talk) different for every girl, and the HUD will have an according colour scheme to match it!

Now that the first room’s BG is done and the UI is pretty much there, we’re working on the first background for the Adventures! It will be the stoney Canopy Forest to start!

Flash NSFW Character Generator!

We’re also releasing an UPDATED client on Newgrounds!

This one will show all the Progeny, the basic portraits with naked and pregnant ones plus some costumes and the preview of 1 animation for each Princess!


Finally, I’d like to thank everyone for the massive support growth of the last 2 months, we’re going all out to try and make this game great and you ARE making it easier for us!

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