The Legend of Skelda – Chapter 6.5

Continued from Chapter 6


1 Potion


Skelda [unavailable]


Where we left…

We traded our sword to access the Life Pearl and resurrect Ghost Skelda!


She became a goblin! Then fainted…


Dear took her away, on behalf of Rabbit Princess!

What you decided to do is…

It’s decided! The Knight will head to the Cotton Vineyards, home of the Rabbits, to get Skelda back!

As you head South you are faced with 2 options:

  • You notice the Faun’s Tavern is quite lively, there’s a ship outside, Merchant Princess‘ cart can be seen parked outside and who knows who might be inside the building.

  •  You keep heading South and enter the Rock Tunnel, to reach Rabbit Princess as soon as possible!

Continues in Chapter 7


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