The Legend of Skelda – Chapter 7

Continued from Chapter 6.5


1 Potion


Skelda [unavailable]


We gotta hurry and reach Rabbit Princess as soon as possible!

You decided to keep heading South and enter the Rock Tunnel, to reach Rabbit Princess as soon as possible!

Time to enter the Rock Tunnel. Without your sword.

The place is full of Wendigos, you can’t do much but try to defend yourself from their assaults by using the Wooden Shield to block their attacks.

By the end of the tunnels the shield becomes unusable, so you decide to drop it and to dash for the exit!

[Wooden Shield lost]

Run Knight! RUN!

Their claws reach your back quite a few times but luckily Mouse Princess placed her Wartomatons nearby the exit.
The clockwork gorillas dispose of the Wendigos quickly.

You’re wounded, but free to proceed into the Clocktown.

[Potion used]

You’d like to stay longer, the locals are sociable and there’s a lot travelers walking around, but you have no time for this. You quickly head to the exit and reach the Southern part of the Kingdom.

It’s a a peaceful time, so you don’t encounter bandits or soldiers around, but as you’re about to enter the Cotton Vineyards.

The skeletons are on the move!

Skeleton Princess declares war to Human Princess. You might want to deal with it later if you don’t want things to escalate quickly into a war that could engulf all the Kingdom!

But now, Skelda.

You ask the little guard at the entrance to let you pass.
You’re here to get back your skele…mot… goblin daughter and you need to meet the Princess of this place in order to do so.

Colony Guard: “There’s no goblin in here monsieur! Just petit lapins!”

This snotty brat is playing you, right?! you’re sure Skelda has been brought here.

If only you had your sword you could bop his head with the hilt and barge in, but as you are you’re left with few options…

  • Wait for the night, sneak into the palace
  • Search the vineyard for traces of her or Dear

What are you going to do now~?

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