v0.14 changelog!


Since the time is about to come and I can’t possibly add anything more to it, we’re now able to disclose the full changelog for v0.14!

  • Added Kobold Princess good ending!
  • Added the complete pre-recruiting questline for Rabbit Princess!
  • Added Kobold Princess new adult scene! CG by Boogie!
  • Added Crest Princess new adult scene! CG by Boogie!

  • Added Cat NPCs anal animation!
  • Added Cat NPCs (Tiger version) anal animation!
  • Added Mouse Princess adult animation #2!
  • Rabbit Princess is now recruitable!
  • Rabbit Princess can have children, her custom Progeny (~1800 differents looks) is also already available!

  • Rabbit NPCs now travel around the world!

  • The Cotton Vineyards and all its facilities are now ready!
  • Added “Knights INC” quest “Moon of the Harvest”!


  • Kingdom Enmity mechanics added!
  • Kingdom Lewdness mechanics added!
  • Shade Princesses are now available! Perfect copies of Princesses that will soon cause havoc in the Kingdom!


  • Stud’s Draught and Bronze Sack now work during NPCs sex too!
  • Pocket Life Pearl added!

  • Lapin Ring added!

  • Breeding Contract (Goblin) added!

  • Breeding Contract (Rabbit) added!

  • Shade Braces added!


  • [Patron NPC] Mairia added!

  • Jackalopes added!


  • “Sea Rabbit” costume for Rabbit Princess added!
  • “Bikini of Extreme Wealth” costume for Dragon Princess I added!
  • Added “Hornet Form” for Insect Princess (includes pregnant/naked/pregnant&naked portraits)
  • “The Beast” costume for Dog Princess added!

  • “Soul Drill” costume for Golem Princess added!
  • “Keroic Suit” costume for Frog Princess added!
  • A bunch of new events, hidden secrets, new maps and enemies!

Of course this is just the leap from v0.13.4, check the complete changelog here if you played an earlier version!

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