1. hi, i cannot access the patron game build, despite having the requirement to access the lastest build, i allowed the website to access my data but it constantly says that i do not have a $5 role when i have this. I’ve been repeating this constantly and yet i still cannot access the build.

    sorry about this

    1. Like I twitted, we got a DMCA from a former artist, but we’re dealign with it to have it back online as soon as possible. We already dealt with it in the past.

      1. ahhh I see i see. well if nothing would be done this time. and 15$ would have gone to waste. Gomejolt this time or simply gonna do patron for at least 10$ since. Patroning from Poland is kind of expensive ;/

  2. If I buy the version from gamejolt, do I get access to future releases/patches as well or just v 0.14?

  3. If we purchase the game on Game jolt, will there be a way for us to access things such as cheats or other patron-related content? Just curious.

    1. AAAAaaaaand I just read the post on the home screen. So, pledging is the only way to access them. Got it.

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