1. hi, i cannot access the patron game build, despite having the requirement to access the lastest build, i allowed the website to access my data but it constantly says that i do not have a $5 role when i have this. I’ve been repeating this constantly and yet i still cannot access the build.

    sorry about this

    1. Like I twitted, we got a DMCA from a former artist, but we’re dealign with it to have it back online as soon as possible. We already dealt with it in the past.

      1. ahhh I see i see. well if nothing would be done this time. and 15$ would have gone to waste. Gomejolt this time or simply gonna do patron for at least 10$ since. Patroning from Poland is kind of expensive ;/

  2. If I buy the version from gamejolt, do I get access to future releases/patches as well or just v 0.14?

  3. If we purchase the game on Game jolt, will there be a way for us to access things such as cheats or other patron-related content? Just curious.

    1. AAAAaaaaand I just read the post on the home screen. So, pledging is the only way to access them. Got it.

  4. i can’t get to the download link, every time i try to unlock with patron it brings me back to the same page.
    not sure if this would have anything to do with this but this is a new computer, with the same setup as my old (worked on my old computer)
    ower fag and his Team $5.00 per month Supported Period June 2018

  5. I purchased your game trought itch.io some time ago, but now I cant access the download link, any solutions or info? Thanks so much

    1. No download links until v0.15! We’re rebranding the game (that’s the reason for the new title and all) and will be back with a hugely updated version for all our supporters on Patreon, Itch and Gamejolt.

  6. I bought itch.io version a while back, but as that one is no longer available do I need buy it again now?

    1. No need to buy it a second time. As v0.15 releases the link will appear!

    1. Gamejolt/Itch.io require a 1-time donation to get access to the game’s new releases (starting with v0.15), while Patreon works on a monthly basis (with 5$/month you get access to releases, polls, galleries, cheats and more).

      1. If you already bought early access in the past you only need to wait for the release of the new version.

  7. OKAY I AM CONFUSED, why I am I Taluso??? My Name was always Crome18 like my patreon account aswell, I automatically am always taluso when I try logging on this site

  8. So it seems that for some reason after giving the site access to the patreon account you need to revoke access on your patreon profile to be able to log in as yourself again. Otherwise trying to see patreon only pages somehow logs you in as (I think) the last person who logged in? I might be wrong but that’s the conclusion I’ve reached so far.

    1. Creating a word-press account and linking your patreon to it seems to fix that. (Once again, theories more than confirmations since I can only try this on one account)

  9. This is still the default account it’s connecting me as when I try logging it with patreon.

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