Time to show more of the 2 next recruitable members of Towergirls Kingdom Conquest!

Now that Rabbit Princess is around the corner with v0.14, we’ll starting to prepare the next two girls, to release them together or, at least, very close to eachother.
There WILL be a v0.15 and a v0.16 though, even if they were to be set apart by only a couple weeks or so!

Field Princess

“Hailed as the idol of the Endless Fields, the Princess is worshipped by its Kingdom countless farmers”

A highly populated reign, the Endless Fields produce most of the grain in the Kingdom and the Princess is usually quite happy to share it with the neighbours! The farmers and the Cloth Golems protecting the fields are weak in battle, but if war ensues… someone is going to starve.

Location: Endless Fields, Northern Region of the Kingdom

Reign’s main feature: Harvests and scarecrows!

Gameplay addition: Sex changes, “population” mechanics

Main Dowry

It will be used to swap the sex of the Progeny AND of Princesses!


Wyvern Princess

“Unrelated to the dragon sisters, she lives a lonely life soaring the skies over the peaks where the Auroral Fortress is built

A solitary Princess, a being that lies between the earth-dwelling Princesses and the mighty dragons. Unable to join the highest ranks of the draconic Princesses she wishes for everyone to share her fate.

Location: Auroral Fortress, Southern Region of the Kingdom

Reign’s main feature: –

Gameplay addition: Dragon Progeny, flying

Main Dowry

Princesses will get “draconic features“! Dragon tails, heads, horns… the transformed parts will vary!



Since the time is about to come and I can’t possibly add anything more to it, we’re now able to disclose the full changelog for v0.14!

  • Added Kobold Princess good ending!
  • Added the complete pre-recruiting questline for Rabbit Princess!
  • Added Kobold Princess new adult scene! CG by Boogie!
  • Added Crest Princess new adult scene! CG by Boogie!

  • Added Cat NPCs anal animation!
  • Added Cat NPCs (Tiger version) anal animation!
  • Added Mouse Princess adult animation #2!
  • Rabbit Princess is now recruitable!
  • Rabbit Princess can have children, her custom Progeny (~1800 differents looks) is also already available!

  • Rabbit NPCs now travel around the world!

  • The Cotton Vineyards and all its facilities are now ready!
  • Added “Knights INC” quest “Moon of the Harvest”!


  • Kingdom Enmity mechanics added!
  • Kingdom Lewdness mechanics added!
  • Shade Princesses are now available! Perfect copies of Princesses that will soon cause havoc in the Kingdom!


  • Stud’s Draught and Bronze Sack now work during NPCs sex too!
  • Pocket Life Pearl added!

  • Lapin Ring added!

  • Breeding Contract (Goblin) added!

  • Breeding Contract (Rabbit) added!

  • Shade Braces added!


  • [Patron NPC] Mairia added!

  • Jackalopes added!


  • “Sea Rabbit” costume for Rabbit Princess added!
  • “Bikini of Extreme Wealth” costume for Dragon Princess I added!
  • Added “Hornet Form” for Insect Princess (includes pregnant/naked/pregnant&naked portraits)
  • “The Beast” costume for Dog Princess added!

  • “Soul Drill” costume for Golem Princess added!
  • “Keroic Suit” costume for Frog Princess added!
  • A bunch of new events, hidden secrets, new maps and enemies!

Of course this is just the leap from v0.13.4, check the complete changelog here if you played an earlier version!

Too much time since the last dev update! Let’s take a look to what we’re preparing for v0.14!

Incredibly enough, the Rabbit Progeny will likely make it in time! I will have to make sure everything works well and that takes usually a couple days, that will cost me some extra hours, but it will be definitely worth it!


The gallery has been updated with all the good stuff made for Towergirls Kingdom: Conquest in the last month…

The gallery for Princess Mode also got FAT during March, the 2nd background (for adventures in the Canopy Forest) is ready, as it’s ready the UI for the Princess’ Room and the icons for Kobold Princess!

Towergirls Kingdom Conquest gallery is available to 5$+ Patrons!
Princess Mode and its gallery are available only to 10$+ Patrons!

You can access both the galleries from the menu to the left!

Continued from Chapter 6.5


1 Potion


Skelda [unavailable]


We gotta hurry and reach Rabbit Princess as soon as possible!

You decided to keep heading South and enter the Rock Tunnel, to reach Rabbit Princess as soon as possible!

Time to enter the Rock Tunnel. Without your sword.

The place is full of Wendigos, you can’t do much but try to defend yourself from their assaults by using the Wooden Shield to block their attacks.

By the end of the tunnels the shield becomes unusable, so you decide to drop it and to dash for the exit!

[Wooden Shield lost]

Run Knight! RUN!

Their claws reach your back quite a few times but luckily Mouse Princess placed her Wartomatons nearby the exit.
The clockwork gorillas dispose of the Wendigos quickly.

You’re wounded, but free to proceed into the Clocktown.

[Potion used]

You’d like to stay longer, the locals are sociable and there’s a lot travelers walking around, but you have no time for this. You quickly head to the exit and reach the Southern part of the Kingdom.

It’s a a peaceful time, so you don’t encounter bandits or soldiers around, but as you’re about to enter the Cotton Vineyards.

The skeletons are on the move!

Skeleton Princess declares war to Human Princess. You might want to deal with it later if you don’t want things to escalate quickly into a war that could engulf all the Kingdom!

But now, Skelda.

You ask the little guard at the entrance to let you pass.
You’re here to get back your skele…mot… goblin daughter and you need to meet the Princess of this place in order to do so.

Colony Guard: “There’s no goblin in here monsieur! Just petit lapins!”

This snotty brat is playing you, right?! you’re sure Skelda has been brought here.

If only you had your sword you could bop his head with the hilt and barge in, but as you are you’re left with few options…

  • Wait for the night, sneak into the palace
  • Search the vineyard for traces of her or Dear

What are you going to do now~?

Vote in here!

Continued from Chapter 6


1 Potion


Skelda [unavailable]


Where we left…

We traded our sword to access the Life Pearl and resurrect Ghost Skelda!


She became a goblin! Then fainted…


Dear took her away, on behalf of Rabbit Princess!

What you decided to do is…

It’s decided! The Knight will head to the Cotton Vineyards, home of the Rabbits, to get Skelda back!

As you head South you are faced with 2 options:

  • You notice the Faun’s Tavern is quite lively, there’s a ship outside, Merchant Princess‘ cart can be seen parked outside and who knows who might be inside the building.

  •  You keep heading South and enter the Rock Tunnel, to reach Rabbit Princess as soon as possible!

Continues in Chapter 7


Let’s give BIG TITLES to everything so it becomes a little less messy!


Now that I’ve finished working on the hundreds of events required for a new race and on their maps only Rabbit Princess pre-recruiting questline is left before we’re free to launch her.
It would have been cool to launch her in time for Easter, but the 1st of April is way too close! I’ll need 2-3 weeks more than that to be able to test this new release out more thoroughly.

Getting the bunnies to jump on grapes the right way required WEEKS of hard training!

Let’s say v0.14 will release by the 20th of April, give or take a couple days!

By then we should also have all the “Battle Suits” ready and we’ll be able to move onto the next reached stretchgoal: “Bunnygirl Outfits”!
I didn’t plan this out beforehand, it’s just… all about bunnies lately.

v0.14 will also feature 2 new endings:

  • Kobold Princess
  • Dragon Princess II

It’s time to get some closure on some of the routes we left open, before we start on new ones!

Cat and Skeleton Princess will probably be the next Princesses to get their own story fleshed out!

Pregnancy Wiki

On another note, I had a little spare time and added a new page to the Wiki!


This one will be kept updated with all the informations you need to know about pregnancy in Towergirls Kingdom: Conquest!
I’d say there’s no game with a system this complete, that includes pregnancy cycles, different races and custom looks for the kids, but eh… I ‘d sound a little arrogant by doing so.

Princess Mode

Have some cute icons from the (kobold) Princess Mode!

As you can see, we plan to have the ones on the left (Stats, Diet, Equip, Talk) different for every girl, and the HUD will have an according colour scheme to match it!

Now that the first room’s BG is done and the UI is pretty much there, we’re working on the first background for the Adventures! It will be the stoney Canopy Forest to start!

Flash NSFW Character Generator!

We’re also releasing an UPDATED client on Newgrounds!

This one will show all the Progeny, the basic portraits with naked and pregnant ones plus some costumes and the preview of 1 animation for each Princess!


Finally, I’d like to thank everyone for the massive support growth of the last 2 months, we’re going all out to try and make this game great and you ARE making it easier for us!