You think we were done with the new reign? There’s much more to show, without spoiling what’s happening behind the scenes!

The Scarecrow Fields around the Harvest Village are so so vast, to the point that, long before the Knight’s visit, the royal family had to resort to golems to guard them from enemies and to make it easier for the farmers to work the land.

That’s an… extreme windmill! Who could have built it?

The Scarecrows are their special golems and combat units, while most of the men in the reign are employed as Farmers!

The loyal and the mindless servant of the Harvest’s Royal Family!

These guys are not among the brightest sparks in the fire, but they get the work done and are loyal to their very core to the Princess, albeit for different reasons!

One of the Harvest Princesses of the past even managed to end the war for the Scarecrow Fields with the pumpkins!
Since then everything around there was peaceful, the people worked hard to keep the reign afloat and the harvests never failed to deliver.

In the meantime, shrowded by the wheat fields, something started to move under the surface of the Harvest Reign.

Simple-minded and weak humans controlling armies of golems and monsters?
Having said creatures work and guard the land during nighttime while their “masters” are comfortably resting in their beds?

What if, on top of that, someone discovered that the Reign’s Princess isn’t actually a “she“?

Then THAT guy arrives and ruins it for everyone!

Good things never last, and a pumpkin with an above average intelligence can easily rile up his companions to lift the forks against Harvest Princess!

Down with the deceiver!

Humans cannot rule over the Scarecrow Fields!

I’m tired! Can’t someone else do it?!

A true Princess should lead us and the Harvest Reign!

“A new Princess! A new Princess!”

This is the final preview for the Harvest Reign, I don’t think I missed anything, but there’s more characters that you’ll be able to discover only by playing v0.15! I really hope you’ll enjoy it, the Team is working really hard to deliver something enjoyable!

My my, this place works the other way around.

Most of the subjects in the Harvest Reign are burly, manly, farmers, but the Harvest royal family has genes that carry feminine features in them. Maybe the royals came from somewhere else? Are they 100% human? Who knows…

For starters, characters are inherited differently from the other humans.

One main difference between the inhabitants of the Harvest Reign and the rest of the Kingdom is that newborns aren’t randomly female or male.

Females are rarely born from the royal lineage and the males, while pretty girly, wouldn’t be admitted to the girl-only meetings the other Princesses hold to chat about politics and stuff!

That’s why it’s tradition for them to hide their true nature by dressing and acting like a girl, always keeping the royal item, the Cardinal Bell, well hidden in their pockets.

Just a ring of the Bell can change the sex of the target in an instant! Useful in dire situations.
This item will be available in the game, useful to change the sex of any Progeny and, as we finish working on their portraits, other Princesses!

Have a taste!

You can’t tell apart males from females? Well, that means it’s working as intended.

Sup everyone! Princess rework posts will resume very soon, possibly tonight I’ll post the new Desert Princess, then Goblin and Golem will follow!

I realize I’ve been working pretty much continuously without sharing much about it, time to fix this!



This change is bigger than it seems, and envelops many aspects of the game.

The Princesses now will have attributes, possibily varying if you’re using Custom Princesses instead of the Classic ones.

The Attributes (the grouped ones are usually mutually exclusive) are:

  • Living
  • Undead


  • Human
  • Beast
  • Demon
  • Monster

So, while Harvest would be Living/Human and Slime would count as Living/Monster, the default Skeleton would be Undead/Human while a custom Skeleton looking like

would be Undead/Monster.

This classification comes in handy to explain how certain mechanics work differently for different races.

While Living characters can normally reproduce, Undead ones are not that lucky.
Living beings, just like you and me, require food to survive, but Undead ones don’t!
Beasts reproduce faster, Monsters have varying speeds to deliver (some of them, like Slimes, will deliver faster than beasts from the next update), Humans need longer times.
Demons and Monsters are bad at dealing with other beings (meaning lower Diplomacy scores), while Humans and Beasts are more courteous.

And so on…


A Reign’s Wealth  won’t increase as time passes anymore.

A Reign’s Wealth  won’t increase its Army  or Defense  score anymore.

Now that there’s mechanics that regulate slave trades (goblin), food trades (harvest), customs (mouse) and war expenses, together with more events that can change a reign’s wealth (like during Tea Parties) I’m ready to leave it to these game’s features, without having Wealth go up by itself after set times.

  • War Expenses

From now on armies will require Wealth  to be maintained for long times.

When a reign depletes all its Wealth  its population will slowly start to drop.
If the population (you can see it in the Status Screen) reaches 0 that reign is defeated!

Conquering a city from another Princess rewards the conqueror with 1 Wealth , conquering her capital gives 1 additional Wealth !

  • Food

Let’s spill it out .
Harvest Princess is a good-willed, simple-minded, cutie.

She produces most of the food and crops in the Kingdom, to the point that she could starve half the Kingdom if she wanted, getting rich by selling fresh vegetables and flour to the ones willing to pay.

BUT… she has the golden heart of a Princess, that wouldn’t be the right thing to do. Screw Machiavelli.

She sells at fair rates what she produces to all the other Princesses, stopping () only if they’re at war with her.

Living Princesses will have a hard time against her, while Undead ones will trample her easily:
The ones that need to eat to survive will gradually lose population with drawn out wars (and gradually recovering Diplomacy with Harvest Princess, realizing their mistakes), despite of their Wealth , unless they’re controlling the Holstaur Dairies!

If they have easy access to milk they won’t starve, even when at war with Harvest Princess!

  • Customs
The new Status Screen~

In the picture above the Harvests Reign is warring () with the Cats!

Harvest is in the Northern part of the Kingdom, the latter is in the Southern one. If either of them isn’t friendly enough with the Mice, they’ll have to pay customs () to the Mice Reign! Their fortress is right in the middle, between the North and the South, the warring armies have to go through there to get to the other side, there’s no way around it! (yet…)

Warring in faraway lands for prolonged times might deplete the treasury () of a Princess but the winner takes back some of it!

  • Slaves

How it worked until now:

A reign getting defeated could have its Princess sold to Goblin Princess as a slave.
The reign selling it would gain 1 Wealth  immediately while the goblins would lose 1 Wealth immediately, to gain it back only when the slave is sold.

How it will work from now on:

A reign getting defeated could have its Princess sold to Goblin Princess as a slave, like before.
The reign selling it would gain 1 Wealth  immediately while the goblins would lose 1 Wealth  immediately, to gain it back only when the slave is sold.

Then the Goblins, depending on the selling price of the girl, could gain 1 or 2 additional Wealth !

Other random events can increase/decrease the Wealth  a Princess has, like good ol’ Tea Parties, “Knight’s INC.” quests, Pirates (another new one) and I plan to have in future more Goods they can trade to eachother!

Harvests Reign

Most of the reign is ready and the hard part of its development is behind, most of the maps are ready, we’re now writing scenes, BGMs and drawing the NPCs that inhabit it.

I won’t spoil a single thing, let’s just say that, dependig on how you play her route out, most of the Kingdom will have to fight for a piece of bread.

Take this free Slime lewd preview and be on your way!

There will be 1 animation for all the colours and the variation will be for legged/non-legged slimes!