The new version is out in around a week, time to look at what’s ready and what we’re still working on!

  • Mouse Princess animation #1!

  • Skeleton Princess animation #1!

  • A bunch of new dialogues have been added in the Dance Club of Death! There’s different ones for all the races of NPCs visiting it, for the priest and the dancers!
  • New fluffy scene starring Kobold Princess x Slime Princess!
  • The Cotton Wineyards map is ready, by entering the zone you’ll see a preview of  it!

  • Drider Princess has rework started! You will be able to visit her at night, after ruining her plans.

  • [Patron NPC] Mary-Annette!
    She will be able to reset the points you already distributed, both for the Knight and the Princesses! Refer to our Wiki to know more about the NPCs!
  • The first set of Battlesuits, for Kobold, Goblin, Slime and Human Princess!
    New costumes made by one of our new artists! Each one of them will be obtained in different ways.

-Battlesuits effects- (may change before release)

Kobold Princess: Red Candle’s effect (+25% to all stats) without drawbacks!
Goblin Princess: Dual Wield and ATK bonus!
Human Princess: ATK and DEF bonus! Lust locked to 0!
Slime PrincessDEF and MDE bonus! Change skills!

  • A lot of fun bugs fixed, including Mithril Rings causing pregnancies, ovulating golems and many more!

It should be ready for release on the 15th, but it could take a day more, I had to replace some ancient components on my machine!


Continued from Chapter 5


1 Potion





You decided to give Knight’s [Long Sword] to Slime Princess!

As promised, she allows the two of you to touch her Life Pearl once again!

Skelda touches it with her incorporeal hand and, as expected…

The Life Pearl’s magic at work once again!

Skelda got resurrected as a sassy goblin this time around!!

However, now that she’s a living being  fatigue hits her like a truck and she collapses on the cavern’s floor soon after.
Despite your attempts she doesn’t regain consciousness.

You’re still kneeling over her, about to lift her up and head out from the cavern, when you hear steps and a stern voice.

It was Dear, the child care nurse, all along!

Dear: “I followed you around Knight, and it looks like my suspicions were on the mark!”
Dear: “This poor girl suffered enough while in your care! By the will of Rabbit Princess she comes with me now!”

There’s not much you can do, there’s no sword in your sheath and you know that Rabbit Princess’ rule concerning child care is absolute.

Dear gently lifts the fainted goblin and leaves the room, leaving only a swordless knight behind.

What will you do now? Arm and try to get Skelda back with force? Abandon her? Try to win Rabbit Princess’ sympathy? Either way, it won’t be easy!

What are you going to do now~?

Vote in here!

Hello everyone!

We’re defining the final details but yes, finally I’m free to hire new team members!

3 new artists are about to join us: the first one will be working on portraits and costumes (see below), then there’s a new animator and the team will also get its hands on a concept artist/creative guy!

That should cover for all our needs regarding artworks, but I’ll probably look for a second writer too in a little.
Still WIP, but good WIP

Hopefully this way we’ll get a constant stream of artworks, dialogues and animations to use in the game, and the development speed will proceed at the programmer’s pace (mine :P).

The “Tribal Warrior” costume above is the first of the “Battlesuits“, costumes you can get ingame that will improve a Princess’ battle abilities and stats… in various ways!
All the playable Princesses (Kobold, Human, Slime, Golem, Insect, Skeleton, Desert, Ghost, Goblin, Moth, Cat, Dog, Mouse, Rabbit) will get one!

The latest stretchgoal reached on Patreon~

I will soon have more stuff to show, in the meantime enjoy the updated Gallery (you can also reach it from “Menu“, by the top-left corner), with January artworks included. Mouse Princess full animation is in there~!

Continued from Chapter 4

Let’s expand this thing a little. I’ll also post the current equipments and items the team is carrying.
Remember that the Towergirls Kingdom in this “Skelda Adventure” will evolve just as if we were playing the game!


1 Potion




Skelda, now an incorporeal ghost, can travel long distances without suffering fatigue, nor hunger!
Rain doesn’t concern her either. Being a spirit sure has its benefits!

The two of you manage to reach the Slime’s Reign without troubles.

Your eyes are set on the Life Pearl, the only way to get a beating heart back on the poor girl’s chest!

How much longer is this cycle of death and rebirth allowed to continue before something really bad happens to Skelda!?

But that’s a bridge you’ll cross when you reach it, there are urgent matters at hand, like managing to sneak past Slime Princess’ guards to reach the Life Pearl…

…or not.

You enter once again the cave where it all began, hoping it will be the last time you’re forced to do so.

You know its location, you know how to use the Life Pearl, but an unexpected gooey obstacle appears in front of you!

SP: “Hey, what are you doing here, ghost lady~?”
SP: “This is a sacred place to all my jelly subjects, you can’t come and go from here as it pleases you!”
SP: “If you want to touch my precious pearl you have to give me something first~!”

Continues in Chapter 6

Being italian myself it would be troubling if we didn’t include a vineyard in the game!

Let’s take a look to one of the first screenshots of the Cotton Vineyards!
This new reign will host the 14th recruitable Princess of Towergirls Kingdom: Conquest… Rabbit Princess!

She was called MILF Princess for a reason~

Spoiler: She’s single.