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Skelda [unavailable]


Where we left…

We traded our sword to access the Life Pearl and resurrect Ghost Skelda!


She became a goblin! Then fainted…


Dear took her away, on behalf of Rabbit Princess!

What you decided to do is…

It’s decided! The Knight will head to the Cotton Vineyards, home of the Rabbits, to get Skelda back!

As you head South you are faced with 2 options:

  • You notice the Faun’s Tavern is quite lively, there’s a ship outside, Merchant Princess‘ cart can be seen parked outside and who knows who might be inside the building.

  •  You keep heading South and enter the Rock Tunnel, to reach Rabbit Princess as soon as possible!

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You decided to give Knight’s [Long Sword] to Slime Princess!

As promised, she allows the two of you to touch her Life Pearl once again!

Skelda touches it with her incorporeal hand and, as expected…

The Life Pearl’s magic at work once again!

Skelda got resurrected as a sassy goblin this time around!!

However, now that she’s a living being  fatigue hits her like a truck and she collapses on the cavern’s floor soon after.
Despite your attempts she doesn’t regain consciousness.

You’re still kneeling over her, about to lift her up and head out from the cavern, when you hear steps and a stern voice.

It was Dear, the child care nurse, all along!

Dear: “I followed you around Knight, and it looks like my suspicions were on the mark!”
Dear: “This poor girl suffered enough while in your care! By the will of Rabbit Princess she comes with me now!”

There’s not much you can do, there’s no sword in your sheath and you know that Rabbit Princess’ rule concerning child care is absolute.

Dear gently lifts the fainted goblin and leaves the room, leaving only a swordless knight behind.

What will you do now? Arm and try to get Skelda back with force? Abandon her? Try to win Rabbit Princess’ sympathy? Either way, it won’t be easy!

Continues in Chapter 6.5

Continued from Chapter 4

Let’s expand this thing a little. I’ll also post the current equipments and items the team is carrying.
Remember that the Towergirls Kingdom in this “Skelda Adventure” will evolve just as if we were playing the game!


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Skelda, now an incorporeal ghost, can travel long distances without suffering fatigue, nor hunger!
Rain doesn’t concern her either. Being a spirit sure has its benefits!

The two of you manage to reach the Slime’s Reign without troubles.

Your eyes are set on the Life Pearl, the only way to get a beating heart back on the poor girl’s chest!

How much longer is this cycle of death and rebirth allowed to continue before something really bad happens to Skelda!?

But that’s a bridge you’ll cross when you reach it, there are urgent matters at hand, like managing to sneak past Slime Princess’ guards to reach the Life Pearl…

…or not.

You enter once again the cave where it all began, hoping it will be the last time you’re forced to do so.

You know its location, you know how to use the Life Pearl, but an unexpected gooey obstacle appears in front of you!

SP: “Hey, what are you doing here, ghost lady~?”
SP: “This is a sacred place to all my jelly subjects, you can’t come and go from here as it pleases you!”
SP: “If you want to touch my precious pearl you have to give me something first~!”

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Continued from Chapter 3

You decide to rest in Frog Princess’ Pond!

The Lily’s Pad will appear in the main game as you play Frog Princess’ adult scene.

The Lily’s Pad the Princess offered looked comfortable at first glance and Skelda was too tired to move any further, so you probably decided for the best…
The two of you qickly prepared for a good night of sleep, sure to see eachother’s face again the day after…

… or not.

Frog Princess is a frog. Skelda is a moth.
They matched perfectly, it was too much even for the usually good-willed Frog Princess!

You slept quite soundly and, as you woke up and glanced to your side…

Skeldaaaa! Not again!

Thanks to *frog magic* Skelda is now a ghost lady! Cute, sure, despite being a little grey.
But who wouldn’t feel a little down after dying again?!

Speechless you… thank… Frog Princess as you head out from the Pond.

Cheeky brat…


You can now sleep in Frog’s Pond for free! Each night one of your insect or moth Progeny will get *magically* transformed into a ghost or skeleton!

The Lily’s Pad is already fully functional, it will be working in next version~

Look forward for Skelda‘s next adventures! Things sure are fun in the Towergirls Kingdom!

Continues in Chapter 5

Continued from Chapter 2

You decide to head to Frog Princess’ Pond.

Skelda, with her newfound soft body, looks very tired and could use some rest after all!

The Pond is knows for its slimy green waters, you’re sure they could make for a great source of nourishment for the body of a moth!

The two of you enter the pond in the afternoon, shortly after Frog Princess jumps out from its murky waters and welcomes you.
Shortly after she’s trying to sell you a phial of the pond’s water (who would ever buy that…), but as she lays her eyes on Skelda she stops pestering you, looks to the exhausted girl and changes subject:

FP: ” *ribbit* Oh my my, you should have told me before, Knight! ”
FP: ” Poor girl! She’s but a leap from collapsing, you should take some time to rest in here! ”
FP: ” This Pond is a safe place, no snake or bird ever tried entering my domains! ”

FP: ” Here, you can have my precious Lily’s Pad, if you decide to spend the night on the ridges of this pond. ”
FP: ” You can use it to restore all the moisture you lose… before falling asleep~ ! ”

Frog Princess always seemed like a strange girl to you, but she looks really concerned about Skelda!

What will you decide to do? Vote in here!

Continues in Chapter 4

Continued from Chapter 1

I couldn’t sleep after what happened.

The next day we started asking around, looking for a place to revert the Life Pearl‘s magic, trying to have the poor Skelda lifted of her new curse. First she was an undead, a skeleton, now her soul was trapped in the body of a larva.

Nobody knew how to help us, so we started moving around, trying to find something that could wake Skelda from her slumber…

Some days later though, in Faun’s Tavern, an insect moved by our story told us she once saw Moth Princess heading for a cave East of the golems’ domain.

We needed nothing more to start moving.

But the Kingdom is vast, full of strange places and secret passages, it wasn’t easy to find a place that could fit the description of that helpful insect.

I started losing hope, thinking  I should have just accepted Skelda’s fate, and try as hard as I could to make her life as decent as possible.

We stepped in a cave full of wolves, an old passage opened in front of us.

The strange tree we found inside was drawing Skelda to itself, I couldn’t stop her from going closer to it… and then something happened.

A little shocked, Skelda became a true moth!
I asked for “a little meat on her bones“, the RNG Gods toyed with me, then gave me what I asked for!


Larvae can now turn into fully developed moths!

Hurray for the RNG Gods! Hurray for Skelda!

I won’t play with my Progeny’s life ever again!


Continues in Chapter 3